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    Compared with other psychiatric disorders, diagnosis of factitious disorders is rare, with identification largely dependent on the systematic collection of relevant information, including a detailed chronology and scrutiny of the patient's medical record. Management of such disorders ideally requires a team-based approach and close involvement of the primary care doctor. As deception is a key defining component of factitious disorders, diagnosis has important implications for young ...

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    Ninety-nine patients with chest pain and a presumptive diagnosis of coronary heart disease were assessed blindly within 24 hours of angiography, using standardized psychiatric and social interviews and a personality inventory. Thirty-one patients had normal coronary arteries (NCA), 15 had slight disease and 53 had significant coronary obstruction. Twenty-eight (61%) of the 46 patients with insignificant disease and 12 (23%) of the 53 with significant obstruction had psychiatric ...

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    Fabricated or induced illness (previously known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy) takes place when a caregiver elicits health care on the child's behalf in an unjustified way. Although the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders specifies deception as a perpetrator characteristic, a far wider range is encountered clinically and is included in this Review. We describe the features of fabricated or induced illness, its effect on the child, and the ...

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    Forty-six patients with chest pain but normal or near-normal coronary arteries were assessed using standardized interviews and rating scales at the time of angiography, after 1 year, and again 11.4 years later. Psychological morbidity was substantial and enduring: 61% of patients were designated as psychiatric cases at angiography and 49% at 11.4 years. Both at the time of angiography, and 1 year later, levels of morbidity were significantly greater than in a control group of 53 patients ...

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    BACKGROUND: Non-cardiac chest pain assessed by cardiologists in their outpatient clinics or by coronary angiography usually has a poor symptomatic functional and psychological outcome. Randomised trials have shown the effectiveness of specialist psychological treatment with those who have persistent symptoms, but such treatment is not always acceptable to patients and may not be feasible in routine clinical settings.

    OBJECTIVES: To describe a sample of patients referred to cardiac ...

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    KOL Index score: 6935

    Of 99 patients with chest pain undergoing coronary arteriography, 31 had normal coronary arteries, 15 slight disease, and 53 significant coronary obstruction. 28 (61%) of the 46 with haemodynamically insignificant disease and 12 (23%) of the 53 with significant obstruction had psychiatric morbidity, assessed by standard interview. 37 patients had several respiratory symptoms and signs not attributable to organic disease, designated unexplained breathing disorder (UBD). UBD was found in ...

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    KOL Index score: 6809

    BACKGROUND: The majority of patients presenting to cardiac clinics with chest pain who are reassured they do not have heart disease or other serious physical disorder continue to experience symptoms, worry about heart disease and restrict their activities. This randomized trial investigated the effectiveness of psychological treatment within routine cardiac care.

    METHODS: Consecutive patients presenting with chest pain and reassured by a cardiologist they do not have heart disease were ...

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    We review the literature on the relationship between somatoform disorders and personality disorders, which reveals that approximately two in three patients with a somatoform disorder meet criteria for a personality disorder. We suggest that the most clinically salient problems presented by patients with somatoform disorders reflect dysfunctions of personality. We also examine research on the childhood antecedents of somatoform disorders and argue for reconsidering somatoform disorders, ...

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    KOL Index score: 5874

    BACKGROUND: Munchausen's syndrome by proxy (recently renamed fabricated or induced illness) is a rare form of child abuse, but relatively little is known about the psychopathology of the perpetrators.

    AIMS: To examine the medical, psychiatric, social work and forensic records of mothers referred for detailed psychiatric assessment from 1996 to 2009.

    METHOD: Twenty-eight consecutive individuals with a putative diagnosis of fabricated or induced illness were referred to the authors for ...

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    KOL Index score: 5521

    The end tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2) was measured during treadmill exercise in 30 normal controls and 113 patients referred for assessment of chest pain. Among the 92 patients without significant ST depression hypocapnia occurred more often in those reporting "typical" than "atypical" chest pain (17 of 22 patients compared with 29 of 70; p less than 0.01). Hypocapnia was uncommon in patients with significant ST depression whether reporting typical or atypical chest ...

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    KOL Index score: 5382

    INTRODUCTION: Little is known about the perpetrators of medical child abuse (MCA) which is often described as "Munchausen's syndrome by proxy" or "factitious disorder imposed on another". The demographic and clinical characteristics of these abusers have yet to be described in a sufficiently large sample. We aimed to address this issue through a systematic review of case reports and series in the professional literature.

    METHOD: A systematic search for case reports and series published ...

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    KOL Index score: 5265

    We used a hospital computer to identify 50 patients (35 women, 15 men) satisfying research criteria for "frequent attenders" at a gastroenterology outpatient clinic (four or more visits to a general hospital clinic in the previous 12 months). Their mean duration of symptoms was 5 years, and 80% reported fatigue as a significant complaint. Thirteen (37%) of the women were also consulting a gynecologist, and in nine of these their status was normal. Seven (21%) of the 35 women who were ...

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    KOL Index score: 5155

    BACKGROUND: The importance of somatization among older primary care attenders is unclear. We aimed to establish the prevalence, persistence and associations of somatization among older primary care attenders, and the associations of frequent attendance.

    METHOD: One hundred and forty primary care attenders over 65 years were rated twice, 10 months apart, on measures of somatization, psychiatric status, physical health and attendance.

    RESULTS: The syndrome of GMS hypochondriacal neurosis ...

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    KOL Index score: 5098

    BACKGROUND: Among older people, somatization has been reported to be common and to be predictive of high attendance in primary care. Its relationship with quality of life among older people has not been investigated.

    OBJECTIVES: The objective was to establish whether, among older primary care attenders, somatized symptoms are independently associated with relevant measures of quality of life.

    METHOD: Older primary care attenders (n = 127) completed measures of somatized symptoms, ...

    Also Ranks for: Life Health |  older people |  illness somatoform disorders |  psychiatric status |  primary patients


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    Concept World rank
    illness munchausen syndrome #1
    chimera impressive body #1
    unexplained loin #1
    mothers munchausen #1
    measure type behaviour #1
    fewer unnecessary investigations #1
    psychological abnormalities #1
    prototypical polythetic view #1
    great psychosocial distress #1
    bass garssen #1
    acceptance psychiatric treatment #1
    bortner type questionnaire #1
    patients somatisation disorder #1
    reading co2 inhalation #1
    chest pain smokers #1
    hawey #1
    assessments functional capacity #1
    kendall tackett abuse #1
    otoole williams rb #1
    controls dsmiiir axis #1
    gardner bass garssen #1
    roybyrne gardner bass #1
    chronic humans crosscultural #1
    kendall tackett #1
    measures tab #1
    medical outpatient settings #1
    icd10 criteria referrals #1
    patients diagnoses controls #1
    796 perpetrators #1
    medical gp records #1
    williams rb #1
    graft surgery period #1
    factitious disorders evidence #1
    assessment type behaviour #1
    organic abnormalities explanations #1
    participants somatoform #1
    arteries psychiatric #1
    magarian #1
    hypocapnia recurrence tetany #1
    opiates somatoform disorder #1
    dioxide chest #1
    neurotic manifestations #1

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    Concepts for whichChristopher M Basshas direct influence:Chest pain,  Personality disorders,  Factitious disorders,  Normal coronary arteries,  Frequent attenders,  Somatoform disorders,  Psychiatric morbidity,  Somatisation disorder.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Christopher M Bass has influence:Chest pain,  Panic disorder,  Medically unexplained symptoms,  Health anxiety,  Chronic fatigue syndrome,  Coronary artery disease.



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