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    KOL Index score: 5025

    This paper provides a perspective on cultural differences in e-mail use of virtual teams from the critical social theory (CST) point of view. CST can be used as a qualitative methodology in information systems research. Among CST concepts, Habermas' theory of communicative action is applied here for the purpose of drawing a plausible explanation for the phenomenon of cultural differences between East Asian countries and the West in the use of e-mail in virtual teams. East Asian countries ...

    Also Ranks for: Virtual Teams |  cultural differences |  east asian countries |  electronic mail
    KOL Index score: 3515

    This study deals with the impact of virtual reality (VR) features that are embedded in a hotel website on travelers' anxiety. Having more information is thought to be a factor in relieving anxiety in travel. A hotel website can be a good place for gathering information about the accommodation. In this study, we posit that a hotel website with VR functions should lead to a reduction in travelers' anxiety about travel. We built a website of a hotel and used VR functions to show the ...

    Also Ranks for: Virtual Reality |  hotel website |  vr functions |  psychological relief |  degree travel
    KOL Index score: 3451

    This study examined whether external factors, which are charity project, charity organization, Internet technology features and social network site (SNS) features influence people’s general attitude towards online donation and their intention to donate via SNS. An online survey was conducted based on the framework of factors influencing the intention to donate via SNS that was adapted from the literature review. Data from 258 respondents were used for analysis. Structural equation ...

    Also Ranks for: Factors Intention |  general attitude |  online survey |  internet technology |  literature review
    KOL Index score: 2460

    Avatars are a unique cyber product that hold much potential to be a market success because they provide consumers with various psychological benefits such as anonymous personalization and an artificial sense of well-being in cyberspace. However, due to the very nature of avatars, consumer psychology, and the way that they are marketed to teenage consumers, avatars may also pose considerable threat to unsuspecting teenagers through addictive consumption and associated negative social ...

    Also Ranks for: Behavior Addictive |  humans internet |  korea male |  consumers psychological |  addiction avatar
    KOL Index score: 2371

    Background: Smartphone overdependence is a type of mental disorder that requires continuous treatment for cure and prevention. A smartphone overdependence management system that is based on scientific evidence is required. This study proposes the design, development and implementation of a smartphone overdependence management system for self-control of smart devices. Methods: The system architecture of the Smartphone Overdependence Management System (SOMS) primarily consists of four ...

    Also Ranks for: Smart Devices |  usage data |  sud suc |  participants classified |  application app
    KOL Index score: 1670

    This paper presents the results of my action research. I was involved in establishing and running a digital library that was founded by the government of South Korea. The process involved understanding the relationship between the national IT infrastructure and the success factors of the digital library. In building, the national IT infrastructure, a digital library system was implemented; it combines all existing digitized university libraries and can provide overseas information, such ...

    Also Ranks for: Digital Library |  success factors
    KOL Index score: 796

    The Confucian tradition still dictates the behavior of many people in East Asian countries such as South Korea. Even in e-mail communication, people try their best to show signs of respect which is required by the Confucian tradition. This psychological barrier can be detrimental to the development of democracy as people are educated not to challenge opinions of elders or bosses. After a long military dictatorship, South Korea has emerged as a newly democratized nation where the ...

    Also Ranks for: South Korea |  east asian
    KOL Index score: 430

    This study presents an empirical evidence of benefit of narrative video clips in embedded virtual reality (VR) websites of hotels for relieving travel security concern. Even though it was proven that VR functions do provide some relief in travel security concern, a stronger VR website can be built when narrative video clips that show video clips with narration about important aspects of the hotel. Thus we created a video clip that showed and narrated about the escape route from the hotel ...

    Also Ranks for: Virtual Reality
    KOL Index score: 351

    Clustering the rules in a knowledge-based system (KBS) on the basis of their static distance (lexical information) reduces the burden of understanding in the mind of the maintainer. This paper explores a clustering algorithm based on the Hopfield neural net algorithm that clusters automatically using lexical similarity. Using that algorithm, this paper presents a tool that can aid the maintainer in maintaining a KBS. The tool is the Rule Base Clusterizer (RBC) which structures the KBS ...

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