Ook Lee

Ook Lee

Department Of Business Administration, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea Department Of Business Administration, Hansung University, 389, 2 Ga. Samsun‐dong, Sungbuk‐gu, Seoul, Korea

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south korea
travel anxiety
hotel website
virtual teams
smartphone overdependence
cultural differences
digital library

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psychological distress
virtual goods
relapse prevention
alcohol addiction
political economy
online monitoring
logistic regression

Prominent publications by Ook Lee

KOL-Index: 19 This research was performed in order to empirically prove that telepsychiatry can result in overcoming of the Confucian cultural barrier which discouraged Korean patients from seeking psychiatric care. The Confucian culture of Korea forces its members to observe absolute conformity to the social norm. In this kind of culture it is very hard to admit one's mental illness and to seek medical ...
Known for
Culture Korea
KOL-Index: 16 Background: Smartphone overdependence is a type of mental disorder that requires continuous treatment for cure and prevention. A smartphone overdependence management system that is based on scientific evidence is required. This study proposes the design, development and implementation of a smartphone overdependence management system for self-control of smart devices. Methods: The system ...
Known for
Session Developed | Mental Disorder | Diagnose | Management Soms
KOL-Index: 12 This research introduces a new addictive behavior in cyberspace, which is called Internet Reply Addiction. This phenomenon was found and empirically investigated in Korea where addictive behavior on Internet reply is common. This research suggests that the cause of this kind of addiction can be inferred from the Confucian cultural tradition that oppresses free expressions of individuals in ...
Known for
Reply Addiction | Behavior Internet
KOL-Index: 9 This study examined whether external factors, which are charity project, charity organization, Internet technology features and social network site (SNS) features influence people’s general attitude towards online donation and their intention to donate via SNS. An online survey was conducted based on the framework of factors influencing the intention to donate via SNS that was adapted from ...
Known for
Internet Online | Features Intention | Preliminary Malaysia | 258 Respondents
KOL-Index: 8 This study focuses on big data, including data from social networking sites (SNS), and data that can complement prior researches on TV viewing rate prediction. The paper analyzes the variables, which influence the average minute rating (AMR) and share rating (SHR) through regression analysis after gathering buzz data on a 20-episode drama series in Korea. The R-square value of regression ...
Known for
Shr Media | Statistically Amr | Items Korean | Broadcasting Production
KOL-Index: 6 This study introduces a sound-based mobile payment system as a wireless web service. Using a mobile phone for payment for mobile commerce is essential for its success. The proposed system will use sound that is generated from the existing mobile phone and the sound can be recognized by the existing credit card reader of the shop with an installation of an ordinary microphone and simple ...
Known for
Phone Sound | Payment Mobile | Wireless Web Service | Credit Card Reader
KOL-Index: 6 Doctor-shopping which has a tendency to seek out alternative opinions when they got diagnosed by a doctor is increasing nowadays. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the doctor-shopping behavior of Korean and the related variables. Questionnaires have been distributed from 2009/10/16 to 2009/11/16 and the sample size of this study is 223 people in Korea who ...
Known for
Relationship Shopping | Service Variables
KOL-Index: 5 This paper presents the results of my action research. I was involved in establishing and running a digital library that was founded by the government of South Korea. The process involved understanding the relationship between the national IT infrastructure and the success factors of the digital library. In building, the national IT infrastructure, a digital library system was implemented; ...
Known for
Running Digital | Action Korean
KOL-Index: 5 Avatars are a unique cyber product that hold much potential to be a market success because they provide consumers with various psychological benefits such as anonymous personalization and an artificial sense of well-being in cyberspace. However, due to the very nature of avatars, consumer psychology, and the way that they are marketed to teenage consumers, avatars may also pose considerable ...
Known for
Social Consequences | Korean Teenagers Addiction | Unique Cyber Product | Addictive Avatar Consumption
KOL-Index: 5

Department of Business Administration, Hansung University, Seoul, Korea Department of Business Administration, Hansung University, 389, 2 ga. Samsun‐dong, Sungbuk‐gu, Seoul, Korea

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