Robert D. Croom

Robert D. Croom

From The Department Of Surgery And Medicine, University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine, And The North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill.

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Concepts for which Robert D Croom has direct influence:

splenic infarction
hereditary spherocytosis
cystic fibrosis
sickle anemia
short-circuit current
amiloride superfusion
pigment gallstones

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Robert D Croom has influence:

cystic fibrosis
splenic infarction
electrical polarization
rectal mucosa
normal saline
congenital microspherocytosis
erythrocyte membrane skeleton

Prominent publications by Robert D. Croom

KOL-Index: 18 To evaluate differences in the expression of cystic fibrosis (CF) transport defects in the gastrointestinal tract of subjects with CF, in vivo measurements of colonic and esophageal transepithelial electrical potential difference (PD) were performed before and during amiloride superfusion in CF and healthy subjects. Esophageal PD before (-16 +/- 2 vs. -16 +/- 3 mV) and after (-14 +/- 2 vs. ...
Known for
Electrogenic Cl- | Presence Amiloride | Absent Vivo | Transport Colon
KOL-Index: 13 While acute splenic sequestration and splenic infarction are commonly observed in infants and young children with sickle cell anemia, they are rarely experienced by adult hemoglobin S homozygotes because the recurrent splenic infarction that takes place during childhood is typically followed by scarring, atrophy, and splenic fibrosis. Both acute splenic sequestration and splenic infarction ...
Known for
Splenic Infarction Acute Splenic | Persistently Enlarged Distensible Spleens | Sickle Anemia | Upper Quadrant Pain
KOL-Index: 8 Hereditary spherocytosis is a clinically heterogeneous, genetically determined red blood cell membrane disorder resulting in hemolytic anemia. A deficiency of spectrin, the largest and most abundant structural protein of the erythrocyte membrane skeleton, results in the formation of spherocytes which lack the strength, durability, and flexibility to withstand the stresses of the circulation. ...
Known for
Spherocytosis Hereditary
KOL-Index: 5 Gallstones are frequently found in patients with sickle cell anemia. The differentiation between acute calculous biliary tract disease and sickle cell crisis can be difficult and should be based on the clinical presentation, comparison with previous episodes of abdominal pain, and judicious use of hepatobiliary radionuclide scanning. Emergency cholecystectomy is associated with a high ...
Known for
Acute Calculous Biliary Tract | Judicious | Complications Sickle | Cholelithiasis Elective

From the Department of Surgery and Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and The North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill.

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