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    Static Encephalopathy

    Static Encephalopathy: Top KOLs in the world

    Kenji Sugai #1
    Kenji Sugai
    4Department of Child Neurology, National Center Hospital, NCNP, Kodaira, Tokyo. | Clinical Department, Soleil Kawasaki Medical Center for the Handicapped, Kawasaki, Japan | Department of Child Neurology, National Center Hospital, National Center of N
    Known for Intractable Epilepsy | Status Epilepticus | Focal Cortical Dysplasia | Mechanical Ventilation | Adaptive Behavior

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    3-Methyl Glutaconic Aciduria In Iraqi Jewish Children May Be Misdiagnosed As...

    .. a static encephalopathy causing a non-progressive disorder of posture and/or movement. We describe 7 patients from 5 families who were initially diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Eventually, ...

    Known for Cerebral Palsy | Static Encephalopathy | Nonprogressive Disorder | Inborn Errors | Diagnosis Differential