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    BACKGROUND: Cancer pain is difficult to treat, often requiring a multimodal approach. While medication management remains the mainstay for the treatment of cancer pain, medications are often associated with undesired side effects. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) provides a potential adjunctive method for treating cancer pain with minimal side effects.

    OBJECTIVE: Few studies have been performed evaluating the efficacy of TENS on cancer pain. We sought to examine the ...

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    BACKGROUND: High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a noninvasive thermal ablation technique. High-intensity focused ultrasound has been used in small-animal models to lesion neural tissue selectively. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of HIFU in a large-animal model for ablation of nerves similar in size to human nerves.

    METHODS: Twelve acute magnetic resonance-guided HIFU ablation lesions were created in intercostal nerves in a swine model. In a second pig, as a control, 4 ...

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    Spastic patients often seek neurolysis, the permanent destruction of the sciatic nerve, for better pain management. MRI-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MRgHIFU) may serve as a noninvasive alternative to the prevailing, more intrusive techniques. This in vivo acute study is aimed at performing sciatic nerve neurolysis using a clinical MRgHIFU system.MethodsThe HIFU ablation of sciatic nerves was performed in swine (n = 5) using a HIFU system integrated with a 3 T ...

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    BACKGROUND: Pain is often the initial presenting symptom with sarcomas. Upon resection of a sarcoma, most patients experience a resolution of their pain. However, in those patients with continued pain, treatment often requires multiple medications with moderate benefit.

    AIMS: The authors present eight patients who suffer from continued sarcoma-related pain following resection of their initial cancer.

    METHODS: For each patient, we describe the use of transcutaneous electrical ...

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    Throughout history, physicians believed that the perception of pain could be explained by a single, simplified physiologic pathway (Loeser et al. 2001a). Their theories described pain as its own sensory apparatus, independent of touch and other senses, or as a result of excessive stimulation from the touch sensation. While the exact mechanisms were unknown, most physicians agreed that pain required a triggering stimulus and that removal of the stimulus should relieve pain. More recently, ...

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    SUMMARY Choosing the initial medications for intrathecal delivery is often confusing and not standardized. We describe a novel way for using a combined spinal-epidural technique to compare two first-line medications for intrathecal delivery; ziconotide and morphine (or hydromorphone). Five patients with intractable chronic or cancer pain were elected to have an intrathecal drug delivery system implanted for pain management. Each patient was given a 3-day inpatient trial with the combined ...

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    tens cancer patients #4
    methodsthe hifu ablation #9
    acute hifu #9
    sciatic nerves swine #9
    animals ablation imaging #9
    introduction spastic patients #9
    perineural edema #9
    noninvasive neurolysis #9
    hifutreated sections #9
    neurolysis clinical #9
    clinical mrghifu #9
    resultsreddening #9
    ablation sciatic #13
    hifu nerve #14
    tens cancer pain #15
    neurolysis sciatic #17
    tens cancer #18
    vivo acute study #24
    sciatic nerve neurolysis #24
    vascular hyperemia #28
    animals hifu #35
    projects sciatic #57
    tens unit #66
    nerve neurolysis #86

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    Y K Xie
    peripheral mononeuropathy primary afferent input spinoreticular tract
    Göran N Lundborg
    nerve regeneration flexor tendon sensory feedback
    Tony L Yaksh
    spinal cord intrathecal morphine spraguedawley receptors

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    Concepts for whichJeffrey Lohhas direct influence:Sciatic nerve,  Swine model,  Cancer pain,  Intensity focused,  Tens cancer pain,  Tens treatment,  Nerve stimulation,  Tens cancer patients.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Jeffrey Loh has influence:Chronic pain,  Physical agents,  Urological symptoms,  Focused ultrasound,  Nerve stimulation,  Interventional strategies,  Transcutaneous electrical.



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