• Symmastia
  • Symmastia

    Symmastia: Top KOLs in the world

    Scott L Spear #1
    Scott L Spear
    Washington, D.C.; Baltimore, Md.; and McLean, Falls Church,
    Known for Acellular Dermal Matrix | Capsular Contracture | Tram Flap | Prophylactic Mastectomy | Breast Reconstruction
    G Patrick Maxwell #2
    G Patrick Maxwell
    From the Department of Plastic Surgery, Loma Linda Universit
    Known for Capsular Contracture | Neopectoral Pocket | Animation Deformity | Consensus Recommendations | Breast Implants

    David P Bogue #3
    David P Bogue
    Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, Calif.; and Nashville, Tenn.
    Known for Radiation Therapy | “neosubpectoral” Pocket | Autologous Reconstructions | Synmastia Patients | Irradiated Breast
    Mark W Clemens #4
    Mark W Clemens
    Department of Plastic Surgery, The University of Texas MD An
    Known for United States | Tissue Expander | Fat Grafting | Breast Implant | Large Cell
    Joseph H Dayan #5
    Joseph H Dayan
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Service, Department of Su
    Known for Lip Width | Surgical Treatment | Secondary Lymphedema | Medial Sural Vessels | Breast Reconstruction
    Steven A Teitelbaum #6
    Steven A Teitelbaum
    UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, USA | Washington,
    Known for Anatomical Implants | Breast Augmentation | Management Algorithms | Acellular Dermal Matrix | Potential Consequences
    Michael K Newman #7
    Michael K Newman
    Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, Calif.; and Nashville, Tenn.
    Known for “neosubpectoral” Pocket | Retrospective Analysis | Breast Reconstruction | Tram Flap Patients | Common Methods
    From the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Department
    Known for Expandable Mammary Implant | Expander Mammary Prosthesis | Preliminary Report | Breast Augmentation | Capsular Contracture
    Robert J Spence #9
    Robert J Spence
    From the *University of Washington Burn Center and D
    Known for Male Nipple | Wound Depth | Bilateral Reconstruction | Free Flap | Tissue Expanders
    James J Ryan #10
    James J Ryan
    Environment, Health and Safety, GlaxoSmithKline, Ware, Unite
    Known for Breast Reconstruction | Environmental Development | Teenage Patient | Antibiotic Resistance | Landsat Etm

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    Recently Asked Questions

    symmastia is a rare condition characterized by the fusion of the breast tissue. This can occur either in the center of the chest or along the line where the...