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naegleria spp
purple urine bag syndrome
alkaline urine
environmental water
aquatic environments
real-time quantitative pcr
urinary gpb

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Hsiu-Wu Yang has influence:

biofilm producers
solid-phase cytometry
purple urine
naegleria fowleri
surface waters
urinary tract infection
natural river water

Prominent publications by Hsiu-Wu Yang

KOL-Index: 27 Naegleria spp. is a free-living amoeba that can be found in various aquatic environments. There are some Naegleria spp. that can cause fatal infections in animals and humans, and the most important source of infection is through direct water contact. In this study, a real-time quantitative PCR was developed to detect and quantify the Naegleria spp. in various environmental water samples. The ...
Known for
Spp Aquatic | Pcr Naegleria | Raw Drinking | Water Time
KOL-Index: 21 Background: Purple urine bag syndrome (PUBS) is an unusual phenomenon in patients with urinary tract infections. The urine of most of these patients has an alkaline pH. Objective: The goal of this study was to identify infectious bacteria and determine urinary pH in patients with PUBS and to evaluate their correlation. Methods: PubMed was searched using the term “Purple urine bag syndrome ...
Known for
Urine Alkaline | Urinary Bacteria | Predominant Pathogens | Unusual Phenomenon

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