• Talaromyces Marneffei Infection
  • Talaromyces Marneffei Infection

    Talaromyces Marneffei Infection: Top KOLs in the world

    Khuanchai Supparatpinyo #1
    Khuanchai Supparatpinyo
    Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand. | Research Inst
    Known for Penicillium Marneffei | Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Antiretroviral Therapy | Virologic Failure | Northern Thailand
    Thira Sirisanthana #2
    Thira Sirisanthana
    Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai Univ
    Known for Antiretroviral Therapy | Immune Recovery | Insulin Resistance | Penicillium Marneffei | Northern Thailand

    Li‐yan Xi #3
    Li‐yan Xi
    Department of Dermatology, Dermatology Hospital of Southern
    Known for Mainland China | Nested Pcr | Combination Therapy | Penicillium Marneffei | Fonsecaea Monophora
    Nongnuch Vanittanakom #4
    Nongnuch Vanittanakom
    Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai
    Known for Pythium Insidiosum | Human Pythiosis | Turmeric Oil | Stress Response | Penicillium Marneffei
    Matthew C Fisher #5
    Matthew C Fisher
    MRC Centre for GlobaI Infectious Disease Analysis, Departmen
    Known for Aspergillus Fumigatus | Azole Resistance | Cryptococcus Neoformans | Penicillium Marneffei | Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis
    Thuy Le #6
    Thuy Le
    Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, Du
    Known for Minh City | Southeast Asia | Penicillium Marneffei | Endemic Mycoses | Amphotericin Itraconazole
    Chester R Cooper #7
    Chester R Cooper
    Department of Biological Sciences, Youngstown State Universi
    Known for Macrophage Infection | Pathogenic Fungus | Differential Expression | Phase Transition | Penicillium Marneffei
    Cun‐Wei Cao #8
    Cun‐Wei Cao
    The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University
    Known for Southern China | Calcineurin Inhibitors | Superficial Fungal Infections | Tinea Capitis | Penicillium Marneffei
    Kwok Yung Yuen #9
    Kwok Yung Yuen
    Academician Workstation of Hainan Province, Hainan Medical U
    Known for Middle East | Influenza Virus | Neutralizing Antibodies | Penicillium Marneffei | Hong Kong
    Jianquan Zhang #10
    Jianquan Zhang
    Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine, The Eighth
    Known for Cigarette Smoke | Osteolytic Lesions | Retrospective Analysis | Marneffei Infection | Th17 Cells

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