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OBJECTIVES: To assess the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) for the treatment of spinal fusions and the healing of fractures compared with the current standards of care.

DATA SOURCES: Electronic databases, related journals and references from identified studies were searched in January 2006, with an updated search only for randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in November 2006.

REVIEW METHODS: A systematic review of available data was ...

Known for Spinal Fusion |  Clinical Effectiveness |  Tibial Fractures |  Bone Morphogenetic Proteins |  Bmp Patients
KOL Index score: 18411

BACKGROUND: Delay in fracture healing is a complex clinical and economic issue for patients and health services.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the incremental effectiveness and costs of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) on fracture healing in acute fractures and nonunions compared with standards of care.

SEARCH STRATEGY: We searched The Cochrane Library (2008, Issue 4), MEDLINE, and other major health and health economics databases (to October 2008).

SELECTION CRITERIA: Randomised controlled ...

Known for Fracture Healing |  Bone Morphogenetic |  Economic Evidence |  Protein Bmp |  Direct Medical Costs
KOL Index score: 15558

BACKGROUND: Viral warts caused by the human papilloma virus represent one of the most common diseases of the skin. Any area of skin can be affected although the hands and feet are by far the commonest sites. A very wide range of local treatments are available.

OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of different local treatments for cutaneous, non-genital warts in healthy people.

SEARCH STRATEGY: We searched the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register (January 2003), the Skin Group trials register ...

Known for Local Treatments |  Cutaneous Warts |  Cryotherapy Placebo |  Salicylic Acid |  Evidence Efficacy
KOL Index score: 15163

OBJECTIVES: Prior research has highlighted the importance of psychosocial factors in 'difficult' asthma. This study aimed to review the content, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of psycho-educational interventions designed to address these factors in patients with severe and difficult asthma.

DATA SOURCES: Thirty-two electronic databases and other sources were searched for studies of educational, self-management, psychosocial and multifaceted interventions.

REVIEW METHODS: Abstracts ...

Known for Difficult Asthma |  Educational Interventions |  Adults Children |  Health Outcomes |  Patients Risk
KOL Index score: 13772

BACKGROUND: Home oxygen therapy (HOT) is commonly used for patients with severe chronic heart failure (CHF) who have intractable breathlessness. There is no trial evidence to support its use.

OBJECTIVES: To detect whether or not there was a quality-of-life benefit from HOT given as long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) for at least 15 hours per day in the home, including overnight hours, compared with best medical therapy (BMT) in patients with severely symptomatic CHF.

DESIGN: A pragmatic, ...

Known for Heart Failure |  Oxygen Therapy |  15 Hours |  Chronic Disease |  Quality Life
KOL Index score: 13676

BACKGROUND: Despite effective assessment methods and medications targeting osteoporosis and related fractures, screening for fracture risk is not currently advocated in the UK. We tested whether a community-based screening intervention could reduce fractures in older women.

METHODS: We did a two-arm randomised controlled trial in women aged 70-85 years to compare a screening programme using the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX) with usual management. Women were recruited from 100 ...

Known for Older Women |  Hip Fractures |  Randomised Controlled |  Screening Treatment |  Quality Life
KOL Index score: 13518

OBJECTIVES: To investigate the association between fruit and vegetable consumption and self-reported physical and mental functional health measured by an anglicised short-form 36-item questionnaire (UK SF-36).

DESIGN: Population-based cross-sectional study.

SETTING: General community in Norfolk, UK.

SUBJECTS: A total of 16,792 men and women aged 40-79 years recruited from general practice population registers as part of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC)-Norfolk ...

Known for Vegetable Consumption |  Functional Health |  Prospective Investigation |  Women Quartile |  Based Cross
KOL Index score: 13382

OBJECTIVE: To determine the impact of a community based Helicobacter pylori screening and eradication programme on the incidence of dyspepsia, resource use, and quality of life, including a cost consequences analysis.

DESIGN: H pylori screening programme followed by randomised placebo controlled trial of eradication.

SETTING: Seven general practices in southwest England.

PARTICIPANTS: 10,537 unselected people aged 20-59 years were screened for H pylori infection (13C urea breath test); ...

Known for Pylori Eradication |  Quality Life |  Bristol Helicobacter Project |  Randomised Controlled |  Agents Anti
KOL Index score: 12557

The Screening for Osteoporosis in Older Women for the Prevention of Fracture (SCOOP) study was a community-based screening intervention in women aged 70 to 85 years in the United Kingdom. In the screening arm, licensed osteoporosis treatments were recommended in women identified to be at high risk of hip fracture using the FRAX risk assessment tool (including bone mineral density measurement). In the control arm, standard care was provided. Screening led to a 28% reduction in hip ...

Known for Hip Fracture |  Scoop Study |  Women Risk |  Screening Arm |  Post Hoc Analysis
KOL Index score: 12472

BACKGROUND: The prevalence and impact of urinary incontinence has been investigated much less in older men than in older women. It is suggested that those who perceive that their daily lives are affected should have priority for services. However, many people do not seek medical help, even though they may be severely affected.

AIM: To investigate unmet need in relation to the prevalence and impact on everyday life of urinary incontinence in men and women over the age of 65 years.


Known for Urinary Incontinence |  Older People |  Neglected Problem |  United Kingdom |  Health Prevalence
KOL Index score: 12359

SCOOP is a UK seven-centre, pragmatic, randomised controlled trial with 5-year follow-up, including 11,580 women aged 70 to 85 years, to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a community-based screening programme to reduce fractures. It utilises the FRAX algorithm and DXA to assess the 10-year probability of fracture.IntroductionOsteoporotic, or low-trauma, fractures present a considerable burden to the National Health Service and have major adverse effects on quality of ...

Known for Scoop Study |  Older Women |  Controlled Trial |  Photon Aged Aged |  Bone Mineral Density
KOL Index score: 11851

BACKGROUND: The SPEEDY study was set up to quantify levels of physical activity (PA) and dietary habits and the association with potential correlates in 9-10 year old British school children. We present here the analyses of the PA, dietary and anthropometry data.

METHODS: In a cross-sectional study of 2064 children (926 boys, 1138 girls) in Norfolk, England, we collected anthropometry data at school using standardised procedures. Body mass index (BMI) was used to define obesity status. ...

Known for Speedy Study |  Physical Activity |  Boys Girls |  Young People |  Environmental Determinants
KOL Index score: 11445

BACKGROUND: Otitis media with effusion (OME) is the most common cause of hearing loss in children and is generally treated by elective surgery. We compared in children with persistent OME the effect on speech and language development of immediate surgery (ventilation-tube insertion) and watchful waiting before surgery.

METHODS: We did a randomised controlled trial with masked outcome assessment in Bristol Children's Hospital, Bristol, UK. We included 186 children born between April 1, ...

Known for Language Development |  Watchful Waiting |  Preschool Children |  Early Surgery |  9 Months


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greater statutory #1
1000 diners #1
physiotherapy mcp #1
humans child schools #1
bristol foot #1
keratosis analysis #1
initiatives epilepsy #1
treatments cutaneous #1
eq5d scores intervention #1
copd mcp #1
limitless time #1
consultation medication review #1
intervention presentations #1
health authority register #1
205 health authorities #1
patients advice role #1
england crack #1
referral amalthea #1
patients amalthea project #1
gpprescribed salicylic acid #1
determinants older people #1
camelot randomised #1
3 nutritional significance #1
roadtraffic crashes bends #1
dessert choices #1
frequent bends #1
crash numbers #1
salicylic acid placebo #1
beverages desserts #1
photorefraction intervention #1
wrinkling ageing #1
rays wales #1
treatments dinitrochlorobenzene #1
foot score #1
card monitor #1
general practices avon #1
limitations food composition #1
240 636 #1
uncomplicated cutaneous warts #1
crashes cumulative angle #1
presentations ohce #1
death uk population #1
average curvature roads #1
minnesota favoured controls #1
moderate severe dependence #1
patients assumed competence #1
regular visual assessments #1
administered cryotherapy #1
private services problems #1
greater inherent reliability #1

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Douglas G Douglas
observational studies consort statement randomised trials
Dean Anthony Fergusson
cardiac surgery breast cancer target difference
Craig Robert Ramsay
target difference antibiotic prescribing randomised controlled trial
Luke David Vale
target difference young people controlled trial
Ian Ford
heart failure myocardial infarction blood pressure
Jonathan Alistair Cook
target difference mechanical devices surgical trials

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Concepts for whichIan M Harveyhas direct influence:Target difference,  Pylori infection,  Randomised controlled trial,  Local treatments,  Controlled trial,  Heart failure,  Helicobacter pylori,  Bristol foot score.

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