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PURPOSE: To investigate the relation among routine EEG, long-term EEG monitoring (LTM), quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and surgical outcome in temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE).

METHODS: We evaluated 159 patients with intractable TLE who underwent an anterior temporal lobectomy between 1988 and 1993. The epileptogenic temporal lobe was determined by ictal LTM. A single awake-sleep outpatient EEG with standard activating procedures was performed before LTM. EEGs were analyzed ...

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The relationships between preoperatively acquired MRI-based hippocampal volumes (HV), seizure disorder onset and duration, and early childhood febrile convulsions were investigated retrospectively with data from 72 left and 56 right temporal lobectomy patients. Patients with lesional pathology and heterotopic abnormalities were excluded. Age at development of spontaneous seizures unprovoked by an acute illness defined age of seizure disorder onset. Age of onset was subtracted from age at ...

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OBJECTIVE: To determine the surgical outcome and factors of predictive value in patients undergoing reoperation for intractable partial epilepsy.

METHODS: The authors retrospectively studied the operative outcome in 64 consecutive patients who underwent reoperation for intractable partial epilepsy. Demographic data, results of comprehensive preoperative evaluations, and the seizure and neurologic outcome after reoperation were determined. All patients were followed a minimum of 1 year ...

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We performed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using a high-field strength magnet (1.5 T) in two series of 53 patients with intractable partial epilepsy of frontal lobe or temporal lobe origin who subsequently received ablative surgery for their seizure disorder. In the first series of patients the pathologic correlation and prognostic importance of an MRI-identified lesion in the frontal lobe were assessed. Twenty-five percent of the patients with negative MRI studies and 67% of patients ...

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OBJECTIVE: To identify presurgical and postsurgical factors that are independently predictive of the outcome of anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) for intractable epilepsy.

BACKGROUND: There have been reports of prognostic factors in epilepsy surgery, but little is known about factors that independently predict outcome of ATL.

METHODS: We studied 175 consecutive ATL patients who had at least 2 years of postsurgical follow-up. Significant factors on univariate analyses were subjected to ...

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Phenol sulfotransferase (PST; EC catalyzes the sulfate conjugation of phenolic and catechol neurotransmitters and drugs. The human blood platelet has been the most thoroughly studied source of PST because of the possibility that the regulation of the enzyme in this easily accessible tissue might reflect the regulation of PST in the CNS. The human brain and platelet contain at least two forms of PST, forms designated as thermostable (TS) and thermolabile (TL) PST. TS PST ...

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PURPOSE: To determine the extent to which periictal subtraction single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) may improve detection and definition of the epileptogenic zone in patients with focal malformations of cortical development (MCDs).

METHODS: Subtraction SPECT coregistered to magnetic resonance (MR) images (SISCOM) were constructed for 22 consecutive patients with focal MCDs who underwent periictal SPECT injection (18 ictal and four postictal). In the 17 patients who had ...

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Presurgical sensorimotor mapping with functional MR imaging is gaining acceptance in clinical practice; however, to our knowledge, its therapeutic efficacy has not been assessed in a sizable group of patients. Our goal was to identify how preoperative sensorimotor functional studies were used to guide the treatment of neuro-oncologic and epilepsy surgery patients.

METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 46 patients who had undergone ...

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