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    KOL Index score: 26315

    BACKGROUND: Studies have indicated that internationally adopted children have an increased risk of developing precocious puberty, but no epidemiologic risk estimates have previously been calculated. We aimed to assess the risk of developing precocious puberty in intercountry adoptees, children immigrating with their family, and descendants of immigrants living in Denmark.

    METHODS: Patients who were registered with the diagnosis of precocious puberty during the period 1993-2001 were ...

    Also Ranks for: Precocious Puberty |  adopted children |  2 years |  genetic factors |  age adoption
    KOL Index score: 23698

    Inhibin B levels were measured in serum from 400 healthy Danish prepubertal, pubertal, and adolescent males, aged 6–20 yr, in a cross-sectional study using a recently developed immunoassay that is specific for inhibin B, the physiologically important inhibin form in men. In addition, serum levels of FSH, LH, testosterone, and estradiol levels were measured. Serum levels of inhibin B, FSH, LH, testosterone, and estradiol all increased significantly between stages I and II of puberty. From ...

    Also Ranks for: Serum Inhibin |  fsh lh |  luteinizing hormone |  adolescent boys |  estradiol levels
    KOL Index score: 22942

    OBJECTIVE: Several in-vitro studies have suggested that the biological actions of IGF-I can be modified by the presence of specific IGF binding proteins. In man, the 24-hour serum levels of IGF-I and IGFBP-3 remain constant, but short-term changes in the IGF-I/IGFBP-3 ratio have been described following GH administration. Serum levels of IGF-I and IGFBP-3 decrease with age in normal adults and are elevated in active acromegaly due to excessive GH secretion. However, the individual ratios ...

    Also Ranks for: Serum Levels |  acromegalic patients |  healthy adults |  igf binding |  growth factor
    KOL Index score: 19623

    BACKGROUND: Several studies have indicated that cryptorchidism is associated with degenerative changes in both Sertoli cells and germ cells. The gonadal peptide hormone inhibin B reflects Sertoli cell function. Low inhibin B levels are found in a large portion of formerly cryptorchid men who show compromised seminiferous tubule function. It is not known if inhibin B can be used to demonstrate early damage of seminiferous tubules in prepubertal boys with cryptorchidism.

    METHODS: We ...

    Also Ranks for: Serum Inhibin |  testosterone levels |  prepubertal boys |  chorionic gonadotropin |  fsh lh
    KOL Index score: 18974

    Leptin, the product of the ob gene, is thought to play a key role in the regulation of body fat mass. Beyond this function, it appears to be an integral component of various hypothalamo-pituitary-endocrine feedback loops. Because childhood and puberty are periods of major metabolic and endocrine changes, leptin levels and various hormonal parameters were investigated in a large cohort of healthy children and adolescents (312 males, 401 females, age 5.8-19.9 yr). For this purpose, a ...

    Also Ranks for: Pubertal Stage |  leptin levels |  healthy children |  boys girls |  body fat mass
    KOL Index score: 18162

    STUDY QUESTION: By investigating a birth cohort with a high ongoing participation rate to derive an unbiased population, what are the parameters and influences upon testicular function for a population not selected with regard to fertility?

    SUMMARY ANSWER: While varicocele, cryptorchidism and obesity may impact on human testicular function, most common drug exposures and the presence of epididymal cysts appear to have no or minimal adverse impact.

    WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: The majority of ...

    Also Ranks for: Testicular Function |  fsh inhibin |  sperm output |  semen samples |  birth cohort
    KOL Index score: 18106

    STUDY QUESTION: Is the placental burden of organotin compounds (OTCs) associated with congenital cryptorchidism in infant offspring from Finland and Denmark?

    SUMMARY ANSWER: Increasing concentrations of OTCs had a negative association with cryptorchidism in Finland, whereas a positive association was found in Denmark.

    WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: The rapid increase in the prevalence of cryptorchidism suggests that environmental factors, such as endocrine disruptors, may be involved. OTCs are ...

    Also Ranks for: Denmark Finland |  organotin concentrations |  newborn boys |  congenital cryptorchidism |  endocrine disruptors
    KOL Index score: 17456

    Serum levels of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 (IGFBP-3) reflect the secretion of endogenous growth hormone (GH) in healthy children and exhibit little diurnal variation, which makes them potential candidates for screening of GH deficiency (GHD). We evaluated serum IGF-I and IGFBP-3 levels in relation to the outcome of GH provocative testing in 203 children and adolescents (111 boys and 92 girls) in whom GHD was suspected. A total of ...

    Also Ranks for: Growth Factor |  serum levels |  protein 3 |  provocative test |  prepubertal children


    Niels Erik Skakkebaek: Influence Statistics

    Sample of concepts for which Niels Erik Skakkebaek is among the top experts in the world.
    Concept World rank
    crossover inhibinb #1
    coagulation factors creatinine #1
    image cytometer method #1
    placental gh women #1
    tgct rex1 #1
    postpubertal germ #1
    dinch bps #1
    cis tumor carcinoma #1
    uni bilateral cryptorchidism #1
    puberty fsh level #1
    0591489 #1
    gonads hyperdiploid #1
    entities abnormality #1
    reinke crystal distribution #1
    lh age #1
    study finger lengths #1
    bpa lowest quartile #1
    grandfathers mothers #1
    17βoestradiol genistein #1
    carcinoma situ testis #1
    pre‐invasive carcinoma #1
    development tgcc #1
    tgct utf1 #1
    ihd gh igf #1
    serum lh testosterone #1
    denmark endocrine #1
    hormone placental #1
    oviductal ligands edcs #1
    abnormal ultrasonic pattern #1
    patients testicular abnormalities #1
    estrogens measurement #1
    controls adopted girls #1
    boys testis position #1
    rete surface epithelium #1
    am404 faah #1
    testicular carcinoma #1
    svend #1
    lower sperm counts #1
    analysis low concentrations #1
    infertile inhibin #1
    166 boys #1
    edc impact #1
    chromosome cis cells #1
    ascensus #1
    creatinine igm #1
    gcts brothers #1
    reduced sweating #1
    risk testis #1
    growth hormone ratio #1
    cis testis #1

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    Concepts for whichNiels Erik Skakkebaekhas direct influence:Germ cell,  Semen quality,  Testicular cancer,  Growth hormone,  Germ cells,  Precocious puberty,  Serum levels,  Growth factor.

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    Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Niels Erik Skakkebaek has influence:Germ cell,  Testicular cancer,  Growth hormone,  Male infertility,  Semen quality,  Endocrine disruptors,  Klinefelter syndrome.



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