Eiki Yamagishi

Eiki Yamagishi

From The Department Of Surgery, Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital, Minamisoma (Ao, Mt, Ts, Ho); Department Of Internal Medicine, Jyoban Hospital Of Tokiwakai Group, Iwaki ...

Direct Impact

Concepts for which Eiki Yamagishi has direct influence:

primary hyperparathyroidism
finger fractures
early manifestation
young adults
predisposing conditions
major trauma
prompt diagnosis

External impact

Concepts related to the work of other authors for which Eiki Yamagishi has influence:

pathological fractures
bilateral knee pain
long bones
primary hyperparathyroidism
parathyroid adenoma
left femur
femoral fracture

Prominent publications by Eiki Yamagishi

KOL-Index: 17 Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures represent a substantial health burden, and predominantly affect the elderly. Younger generations may also develop these conditions because of various predisposing conditions, including primary hyperparathyroidism. However, little information is available regarding early skeletal manifestations of primary hyperparathyroidism.A 30-year-old Japanese male ...
Known for
Young Osteoporosis | Early Skeletal | Manifestation Primary

From the Department of Surgery, Minamisoma Municipal General Hospital, Minamisoma (AO, MT, TS, HO); Department of Internal Medicine, Jyoban Hospital of Tokiwakai Group, Iwaki (TT); Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Iwase General Hospital, Sukagawa (

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