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      Svein Eggen

      Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway | Department of Oral Radiology, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway | Department of Oral ...



      KOL Resume for Svein Eggen


      Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway


      Department of Oral Radiology, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway


      Department of Oral Radiology, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway


      Departments of Oral Radiology and Prosthetics, Dental Faculty, Universiity of Oslo, Oslo, Norway



      Svein Eggen: Influence Statistics

      Sample of concepts for which Svein Eggen is among the top experts in the world.
      Concept World rank
      torus vg #1
      genetic determination torus #1
      bruxism environmental #1
      altogether 571 individuals #1
      estimate genetic determination #1
      light genetic contribution #1
      variation fit modifications #1
      vg variance #1
      bruxism liability #1
      mandibularis marginal #1
      common pleiotropic genes #1
      unimpaired bone height #1
      food habits exposure #1
      vp estimate #1
      favorable bone height #1
      association torus mandibularis #1
      absolute scores correspondence #2
      approximal bone loss #2
      standardized paralleling #2
      individuals torus #2
      true millimeter #2
      eggen filmholder #3
      horizontal dimensions eggen #3
      mandibularis prevalence #3
      grid pattern film #3
      torus mandibularis gudbrandsdal #3
      concurrence torus #3
      norway gudbrandsdalen #3
      determination torus #3
      greater muscular forces #3
      torus palatinus prevalence #3
      torus palatinus analysis #3
      method eggen #3
      heights intraoral #3
      palatinus prevalence #3
      measuring grid film #3
      lofoten prevalence #3
      tough type #3
      variation torus #3
      gudbrandsdal lofoten #3
      reproducibility direct method #3
      torus mandibularis groups #3
      natives gudbrandsdalen #3
      jaws association #3
      stenciling process distance #3
      diet lofoten #3
      concurrence torus mandibularis #3
      image magnification implants #3
      torus prevalence #3
      lofoten gudbrandsdalen #3


      Prominent publications by Svein Eggen

      KOL-Index: 6187

      The prevalence of torus mandibularis was assessed in two groups of dental patients, altogether 2010 individuals over 10 yr of age: 1181 individuals native to the Lofoten Islands in North Norway, situated at 68 degrees latitude; and 829 patients indigenous to Gudbrandsdal, an inland district in the southeastern part of the country at 61 degrees latitude. Both groups were supposed to be of the same Caucasian stock and, therefore, to have similar genetic predisposition to torus on the ...

      Known for Torus Mandibularis | Dental Patients | Aged Norway | Caucasian Stock | Occlusal Stress
      KOL-Index: 5673

      A short review of various radiographic methods for quantitation of marginal bone changes is given. With the method suggested by Eggen (1973) alveolar bone heights on intraoral paralleling radiographs of tooth and implant abutments could be determined directly in "true' values. A calibrated measuring film (increments adjusted in accordance with the approximately constant magnification) was utilized with a magnifying (x 2) viewer. The reproducibility of this direct method was tested, with ...

      Known for Alveolar Bone | Implant Abutments | Intraoral Radiographs | Absolute Values | Aged Radiography
      KOL-Index: 5076

      Comparison of incidence of torus mandibularis and average number of present teeth among 2010 consecutive dental patients over 10 yr of age revealed that these variables seemed to be positively related: patients with torus mandibularis had on the average more teeth present than those without torus (P less than 0.0000001). The difference was statistically significant in all age classes except 50 years and over. In the adolescent age class, 10-19-yr, patients with torus mandibularis had on ...

      Known for Torus Mandibularis | Age Classes | Exostoses Female | Mandibular Diseases | Jaw Edentulous
      KOL-Index: 4467

      Torus mandibularis has frustrated several attempts to make family patterns of variation fit modifications of Mendelian models. It is suggested that the quasi-continuous model of inheritance provides a rational explanation for the diverging opinions. The model implies an underlying continuous and normally distributed variable, 'liability', with a threshold value beyond which individuals will be affected. Both genetic and environmental factors determine liability, making the system ...

      Known for Torus Mandibularis | Genetic Environmental | Mandibular Diseases | Bruxism Exostoses | Muscular Forces
      KOL-Index: 3865

      A radiographic method expressing the alveolar bone level in absolute figures is presented. By means of a calibrated measuring radiographic film fixed to a magnifying viewer, alveolar bone levels were determined directly on intraoral periodic "identical" radiographs. A polyether impression was made for fixation of the filmholder in order to obtain reproducible radiographs. The method was applied to assess changes in the alveolar bone level at endosseous implants and abutment teeth. ...

      Known for Alveolar Bone | Abutment Teeth | Endosseous Implants | Reproducibility Method | 02 Mm
      KOL-Index: 3774

      A simple radiographic measuring method is presented. Fifty teeth to be extracted were radiographed by means of a standardized paralleling technique and a preprinted intraoral radiographic film. The measuring grid was conveyed to the film as a latent pattern by a stenciling process prior to the x-ray exposure. The distance between the measuring lines was adjusted in accordance with the image magnification. The length of the teeth was read directly on the completed radiograph. The ...

      Known for Tooth Length | Paralleling Technique | Radiographic Measuring | Stenciling Process | Image Magnification
      KOL-Index: 2939

      Analysis of the concurrence of torus mandibularis and torus palatinus among a total of 2010 dental patients, by the test of independence, revealed that the concurrence was statistically significant among women, but not among men. A tentative hypothesis was proposed to explain the sexual dimorphism of the variable, combined occurrence of the two features.

      Known for Torus Palatinus | Prevalence Sex | Exostoses Female | Male Mandible | Dental Patients
      KOL-Index: 2898

      The approximal bone loss of the mandibular canines and incisors was scored with two different units of measurement on 30 sets of standardized paralleling radiographs: 1) with absolute values ("true" millimeter) unrelated to casual variables and 2) with relative values (i.e. percentage of the root length). Absolute bone loss scores revealed that the space between the canines and the lateral incisors of the present material seemed to be more susceptible to bone loss than the spaces between ...

      Known for Bone Loss | Mandibular Diseases | Aged Radiography | 2 Relative | Standardized Paralleling
      KOL-Index: 2248

      The variation in torus palatinus (TP) prevalence was investigated among a total of 2010 dental patients over 10 yr of age native to two different regions in Norway, the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway and the Gudbrandsdalen valley, an inland area in the southeastern part of the country. The two groups were presumed to belong to the same Caucasian stock, but were extremes with regard to the fish-to-meat ratio of the diet, which was 3:1 in Lofoten and 1:3 in Gudbrandsdalen, respectively ...

      Known for Higher Prevalence | Torus Palatinus | Genetic Factors | 2010 Dental Patients | Aged Norway
      KOL-Index: 2112

      The factor marginal alveolar bone height and torus mandibularis (TM) were studied in 2 groups of dentate patients more than 20 years of age, altogether 571 individuals. Subgroups possessing TM had the higher prevalence of unimpaired bone height as compared with those without the trait (P less than 0.001). Different environmental factors considered, such as food habits, exposure to infection, oral hygiene habits, bruxism, access to professional dental care, and habits as to seeking dental ...

      Known for Torus Mandibularis | Alveolar Bone | Dental Treatment | Exostoses Female | Male Mandible
      KOL-Index: 2078

      A new, simple, metal bitewing holder with a radiation dose-reducing collimator using principles suggested by Eggen is presented and recommended. The reproducibility of the bitewing holder technique was compared with that of the conventional bitewing loop technique. The material consisted of twenty seven sets (fifty four pairs) of radiographs. A microdensitometric method was developed and used to assess the reproducibility of the radiographs, and 108 pairs of microdensitometric tracings ...

      Known for Pairs Radiographs | Radiography Dental | Tracings Produced
      KOL-Index: 961

      A simple radiographic measuring method was presented. Twenty endosseous implants were radiographed with the Eggen filmholder. The radiographic dimensions were determined by means of a measuring grid film fixed to the magnifying x-viewer. The grid pattern was conveyed to the film by a stenciling process. The distance between the measuring lines was adjusted in accordance with the image magnification. The implants were measured by means of a sliding caliper. A statistical analysis of the ...

      Known for Alveolar Process | Endosseous Implants | Magnifying Viewer | Method Radiographic | Film Fixed

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      lower jaw ascending portion bigonial breadth
      Svein Eggen
      torus mandibularis alveolar bone level bone loss
      Bent Natvig
      wave height torus mandibularis output processes
      Ludvig K Haugen
      glandular odontogenic cyst morphologic study torus palatinus
      Aree Jainkittivong
      oral mucosal conditions virus infection denture wearers
      Takuro Sakai
      living polynesians torus palatinus shovel‐shaped incisors

      Svein Eggen:Expert Impact

      Concepts for whichSvein Eggenhas direct influence:Torus mandibularis,  Alveolar bone level,  Alveolar bone,  Bone loss,  Mandibular canines,  Abutment teeth,  Genetic determination,  Alveolar bone height.

      Svein Eggen:KOL impact

      Concepts related to the work of other authors for whichfor which Svein Eggen has influence:Torus palatinus,  Mandibular tori,  Bone loss,  Bite force,  Oral exostoses,  Implant size,  Greenlandic norse.



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      Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway | Department of Oral Radiology, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway | Department of Oral Radiology, Dental Faculty, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway | Departments

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