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BACKGROUND: Acute and persistent post-traumatic headache are often debilitating consequences of traumatic brain injury. Underlying physiological mechanisms of post-traumatic headache and its persistence remain unknown, and there are currently no approved therapies for these conditions. Post-traumatic headache often presents with a migraine-like phenotype. As calcitonin-gene related peptide promotes migraine headache, we explored the efficacy and timing of intervention with an anti- ...

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INTRODUCTION: Although migraine and persistent post-traumatic headache often share phenotypic characteristics, few studies have interrogated the pathophysiological differences underlying these headache types. While there is now some indication of differences in brain structure between migraine and persistent post-traumatic headache, differences in brain function have not been adequately investigated. The objective of this study was to compare static and dynamic functional connectivity ...

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OBJECTIVES: To summarize the baseline methods for the Migraine in America Symptoms and Treatment (MAST) Study and evaluate gender differences in sociodemographics and headache features; consultation and diagnosis patterns; and patterns of acute and preventive treatment use for migraine among study participants.

BACKGROUND: The MAST Study is a longitudinal, internet-based panel study of symptoms, approaches to management, and unmet treatment needs among US adults with migraine. This ...

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BackgroundSubcutaneous erenumab reduced monthly migraine days and increased the likelihood of achieving a ≥ 50% reduction at all monthly assessment points tested in 2 pivotal trials in episodic migraine (EM) and chronic migraine (CM). Early efficacy of migraine preventive medications is an important treatment characteristic to patients. Delays in achievement of efficacy can result in failed adherence. The objective of these post-hoc analyses were to evaluate efficacy in the first 4 weeks ...

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BACKGROUND: Most persistent posttraumatic headaches (PPTH) have a phenotype that meets diagnostic criteria for migraine or probable migraine. Although symptoms of autonomic dysfunction have been well described among those with migraine, the presence and relative severity of such symptoms among those with PPTH have yet to be reported.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess and compare symptoms of autonomic dysfunction among those with PPTH attributed to mild traumatic brain ...

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Initial studies indicate an increased prevalence of patent foramen ovale (PFO) in migraineurs with aura, and an increased prevalence of migraine and migraine with aura in persons with PFO. Retrospective analyses of PFO closure suggest clinically significant improvements in migraine patterns. The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of migraine in patients with PFO, the prevalence of PFO in migraineurs, and the effect of PFO closure on migraine. We conducted a quantitative ...

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BackgroundThe majority of individuals with post-traumatic headache have symptoms that are indistinguishable from migraine. The overlap in symptoms amongst these individuals raises the question as to whether post-traumatic headache has a unique pathophysiology or if head trauma triggers migraine. The objective of this study was to compare brain structure in individuals with persistent post-traumatic headache (i.e. headache lasting at least 3 months following a traumatic brain injury) ...

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OBJECTIVE: To identify factors associated with triptan discontinuation among migraine patients.

BACKGROUND: It is unclear why many migraine patients who are prescribed triptans discontinue this treatment. This study investigated correlates of triptan discontinuation with a focus on potentially modifiable factors to improve compliance.

METHODS: This multicenter cross-sectional survey (n = 276) was performed at US tertiary care headache clinics. Headache fellows who were members of the ...

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The association between migraine, depression, and anxiety has been established, but the impact of these psychiatric comorbidities on functional impairment in people with migraine has been under-investigated. The purpose of this cross-sectional observational study was to investigate the relationship between anxiety and depression symptoms on migraine-related disability, pain interference, work interference, and career success in a cohort of patients with ...

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BackgroundMigraine is associated with many debilitating symptoms that affect daily functioning. My Migraine Voice is a large global cross-sectional study aimed at understanding the full burden and impact of migraine directly from patients suffering from ≥4 monthly migraine days (MMDs) with a history of prophylactic treatment failure.MethodsThis study was conducted worldwide (31 countries across North and South Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the Asia-Pacific ...

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OBJECTIVE: To investigate differences in cortical thickness in patients with persistent post-traumatic headache (PPTH) relative to healthy controls and to interrogate whether cortical morphology relates to headache burden (headache frequency, years with post-traumatic headache, PTH) in patients with PPTH.

BACKGROUND: PTHs are one of the most common symptoms following concussion. In some patients, PTHs continue for longer than three months and are classified as PPTH. This study has two ...

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BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: Migraineurs have atypical pain processing, increased expectations for pain, and hypervigilance for pain. Recent studies identified correlations between brain structure and pain sensation in healthy adults. The objective of this study was to compare cortical thickness-to-pain threshold correlations in migraineurs to healthy controls. We hypothesized that migraineurs would have aberrant relationships between the anatomical neurocorrelates of pain processing and pain ...

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BackgroundThe MAST Study is a longitudinal, cross-sectional survey study of US adults with migraine. These analyses were conducted to estimate rates of acute medication overuse (AMO) and determine associations of AMO with individual and headache characteristics.MethodsEligible respondents had ICHD-3-beta migraine, reported ≥3 monthly headache days (MHDs) in the past 3 months, ≥1 MHD in the past 30 days, and currently took acute headache medication. AMO was defined according to ...

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The study aims to provide an updated assessment of the evidence for individual pharmacological therapies for acute migraine treatment. Pharmacological therapy is frequently required for acutely treating migraine attacks. The American Academy of Neurology Guidelines published in 2000 summarized the available evidence relating to the efficacy of acute migraine medications. This review, conducted by the members of the Guidelines Section of the American Headache Society, is an updated ...

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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effect of migraine on women's pregnancy plans.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: Participants were enrolled in the American Registry for Migraine Research, an observational study that recruits patients from headache specialty clinics across the United States. Data for this analysis were collected via patient-completed questionnaires completed from February 1, 2016, through September 23, 2019. Participants were adult women with migraine who answered the American Registry ...

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