• Travel Anxiety
  • Travel Anxiety

    Travel Anxiety: Top KOLs in the world

    Felix tinoziva Mavondo #1
    Felix tinoziva Mavondo
    Department of Marketing, Monash University, Australia, | Mon
    Known for Psychic Distance | Organizational Performance | Place Attachment | Competitive Advantage | Market Orientation
    Y Vette Reisinger #2
    Y Vette Reisinger
    Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait | College
    Known for Travel Risk | Natural Disasters | Japanese Tourists | Cultural Differences | Gold Coast

    Sevil F Sönmez #3
    Sevil F Sönmez
    College of Business University of Central Florida, 12744 Peg
    Known for Truck Drivers | Sleep Quality | Mental Health | United States | Work Organization
    Alan R Graefe #4
    Alan R Graefe
    Asan Graefe is Associate Professor of Leisure Studies at the
    Known for Key Stages | Education Income | Travel Experience | Terrorism Risk | Foreign Tourism Decisions
    Grahame R Dowling #5
    Grahame R Dowling
    University of Technology, Sydney, Australia | University of
    Known for Customer Loyalty | Perceived Risk | Financial Performance | Corporate Reputation | Dynamic Capability
    Richard Staelin #6
    Richard Staelin
    Duke University - Fuqua School of Business | Assistant Profe
    Known for New Cars | Major Household Appliances | Marketing Communications | Manufacturer Allowances | Industry Equilibrium Analysis
    John C Crotts #7
    John C Crotts
    Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, School of
    Known for Tourism Development | Vacation Stress | National Culture | Hong Kong | South Carolina
    Ugur Yavas #8
    Ugur Yavas
    Department of Management and Marketing, College of Business
    Known for Customer Orientation | Perceived Risk | Turnover Intentions | Saudi Arabia | Service Quality
    Klaus Weiermair #9
    Klaus Weiermair
    Institute of Tourism and Service Economics | University of I
    Known for Travel Decision | Perceived Risk | Empirical Tests | Cursory Review | Vantage Point
    Birgit Maser #10
    Birgit Maser
    Institute of Tourism and Service Economics , University of I
    Known for Austrian Austria | Search Factors | Perceived Risk | Vantage Point | Travel Decision

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