Direct Impact

Concepts for which John Galasso has direct influence:

triamcinolone acetonide
macular edema
laser photocoagulation
tenon injection
combined posterior
vision loss
refractory csme

Prominent publications by John Galasso

KOL-Index: 5 A 61-year-old female presented with a moderate decrease in vision in the left eye. The patient denied any other ocular or systemic symptoms related to giant cell arteritis. Visual acuity was 20/50 in the left eye with a 2+ relative afferent pupillary defect and markedly abnormal color vision. Dilated fundus examination and flourescein angiography revealed optic disc edema as well as a ...
Known for
Subsequent Biopsy | Thrombotic Occlusion | Arteritis Presenting | Combined Anterior
KOL-Index: 2 Prospective randomized clinical trial comparing Laser Alone v. Laser and posterior sub-tenon injection of triamcinolone acetonide for primary and refractory clinically significant macular edema. Detailed Description Clinically significant macular edema (CSME) is one of the leading causes of vision loss in diabetic retinopathy. The current standard of care for CSME is focal/grid laser ...
Known for
Laser Treatments | Visual Gain | Topical Steroid | Central Macular

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