• Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Trigeminal Neuralgia: Top KOLs in the world

    Peter J Jannetta #1
    Peter J Jannetta
    Departments of, Neurosurgery, | Jannetta Neuroscience Founda
    Known for Facial Nerve | Evoked Potentials | Microvascular Decompression | Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Kim J Burchiel #2
    Kim J Burchiel
    Department of Neurological Surgery, Oregon Health & Science
    Known for Subthalamic Nucleus | Microvascular Decompression | Spontaneous Activity | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Deep Brain Stimulation

    Turo J Nurmikko #3
    Turo J Nurmikko
    The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust Liverpool UK | The Pa
    Known for Multiple Sclerosis | Acute Herpes Zoster | Capsaicin 8 | Neuropathic Pain | Trigeminal Neuralgia
    David J Bissonette #4
    David J Bissonette
    Department of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh
    Known for Hemifacial Spasm | Stereotactic Radiosurgery | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Microvascular Decompression | Vascular Malformations
    Joanna JM Zakrzewska #5
    Joanna JM Zakrzewska
    University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust | E
    Known for Mouth Syndrome | Neuropathic Components | Surgical Treatment | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Facial Pain
    Hae Dong Jho #6
    Hae Dong Jho
    Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery and Oncology, De
    Known for Microvascular Decompression | Cavernous Sinus | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Eighth Nerve | Hemifacial Spasm
    Fred G II Barker #7
    Fred G II Barker
    Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Harvard Medica
    Known for Radiation Response | Neurofibromatosis Type | Microvascular Decompression | Trigeminal Neuralgia | United States
    Marc P Sindou #8
    Marc P Sindou
    University of Lyon, France | IRR Flavigny, UGECAM Nord-Est,
    Known for Spinal Cord | Hemifacial Spasm | Intrathecal Baclofen | Trigeminal Neuralgia | Microvascular Decompression
    Mark V Larkins #9
    Mark V Larkins
    Park Nicollet Headache Clinic and Research Center, 3800 Park
    Known for Clinical Presentation | Microvascular Decompression | Hemifacial Spasm | Basilar Artery | Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Hugh Beresford Coakham #10
    Hugh Beresford Coakham
    The Glen’ Spire Bristol Hospital, University of Bristol, Red
    Known for Neoplastic Meningitis | Microvascular Decompression | Mononuclear Cell Infiltrate | Monoclonal Antibodies | Trigeminal Neuralgia

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