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Trimalleolar Fracture

Inger N Sierevelt #1
Inger N Sierevelt
Orthopedic Department, Spaarnegasthuis Academy, Hoofddorp, t
Known for Ankle Fractures | Rotator Cuff | Total Knee Arthroplasty | Superficial Peroneal Nerve
Gerard R Schaap #2
Gerard R Schaap
Orthopedic Surgery, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the
Known for Tumor Resection | Chemotherapy Response | Functional Ability | Proximal Tibia

Jasper S de Vries #3
Jasper S de Vries
Amstelland ziekenhuis, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Am
Known for Balance Measures | Ankle Fractures | Posterior Malleolar Fragment | Capsular Shrinkage
AJ Wijgman #4
AJ Wijgman
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Academic Medical Center (A
Known for Size Fixation | Numeric Scale Pain | Smaller 25 | Ankle Fractures
Naoki Haraguchi #5
Naoki Haraguchi
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, St. Marianna University Y
Known for Activity Level | Achilles Tendon | Ligament Tension | Avulsion Fracture
Fumio Kato #6
Fumio Kato
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Hospital, Tokyo, Japan | Deceased
Known for New Radiographic Projections | Corrective Osteotomy | Avulsion Fracture | Lateral Malleolus
Hidekazu Toga #7
Hidekazu Toga
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Tokyo Metropolitan Police
Known for Glenoid Cavity | Avulsion Fracture | Elderly People | Activity Level
Hiroki Haruyama #8
Hiroki Haruyama
Haruyama Hospital for Surgery, 1-24-5 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-
Known for Medial Malleolus | Bimalleolar Axis | Pathologic Anatomy | Posterior Malleolar Fracture
ROBERT A Jaskulka #9
ROBERT A Jaskulka
Unfallchirurgische Abteilung, Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Os
Known for Ankle Joint | Blunt Cardiac | Posterior Tibial Margin | Intracranial Pressure
RUDOLF Schedl #10
From the 2 Clinic of Trauma Surgery, University of Vienna. |
Known for Posterior Tibial Margin | Upper Ankle Joint | Percutaneous Reduction | Intracranial Pressure

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Fractured Finger A fractured finger is a break in one of the bones of the finger. The fingers are particularly susceptible to fractures because they are used so frequently...


Fractured Nose A fractured nose is a break or crack in the bone and cartilage that make up the nose. Nose fractures are very common, particularly among athletes who...


Trimalleolar Fracture A trimalleolar fracture is a break in the bones that make up the ankle joint. The ankle joint is made up of three bones: the tibia (shinbone), the fibula...


Supracondylar Fracture A supracondylar fracture is a break in the distal (lower) end of the humerus, the bone in the upper arm. This type of fracture occurs just above the elbow,...