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Concepts for which John Harm has direct influence: Triploidy syndrome , Publication abnormalities , Abnormalities multiple , Aberrations chromosome , Male polyploidy , Newborn karyotyping , Disorders coloboma .

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Concepts related to the work of other authors for which for which John Harm has influence: Human triploidy , Partial moles , Gonadal pathology , Transgenic oncogenes , Ocular findings , Cardiac defects , Chromosomal disorders .

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Department of Neonatology, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

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KOL-Index: 3208 . Two live-born cases, 69,XXY and one stillbirth, 69,XXX are reported. Further evidence is presented to delineate the triploidy syndrome. Common external and internal features which characterize the triploidy syndrome are low-set ears, hypertelorism, colobomata, syndactyly, simian creases, microphallus, undescended testes, scrotal aplasia, anomalous heart and hypoplasia of kidneys and ...
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Department of Neonatology, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak