• Triploidy Syndrome
  • Triploidy Syndrome

    Triploidy Syndrome: Top KOLs in the world

    Ursula Mittwoch #1
    Ursula Mittwoch
    University College London, UK. u.mittwoch@ucl.ac.uk | Galton
    Known for Testis Size | Monodelphis Domestica | Male Sterility | Sex Determination | Barr Bodies
    Erik Niebuhr #2
    Erik Niebuhr
    Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine | Department o
    Known for Chromosome Aberrations | Short Arm | Interstitial Deletion | Critical Region | Sister Chromatid Exchange

    Roy D Schmickel #3
    Roy D Schmickel
    University of Pennsylvania, Department of Human Genetics Sch
    Known for Molecular Analysis | Cystinotic Cells | Human Dna | Diabetic Mothers | Ribosomal Rna
    C Chantler #4
    C Chantler
    Department of Immunology, Institute of Child Health, 30 Guil
    Known for Glomerular Filtration Rate | Keto Acids | Arterial Hypertension | C4 Concentrations | Renal Failure
    N E France #5
    N E France
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney Road, London
    Known for Microvillous Surface Area | Pathological Features | Gonadal Agenesis | Cystic Fibrosis | Lactose Intolerance
    Eugene M Silverman #6
    Eugene M Silverman
    From the Department of Pathology, The University of Michigan
    Known for Gastric Bypass | Granulocytic Adherence | Hepatic Steatosis | 69 Chromosomes | 88 Cases
    Leslie J Butler #7
    Leslie J Butler
    Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney Road, London,
    Known for Chromosomal Aberration | 13 Cases | Chromosome Abnormalities | Antenatal Diagnosis | Gonadal Dysgenesis
    Alton D Floyd #8
    Alton D Floyd
    Department of Pathology, Indiana University Medical Center,
    Known for 69 Chromosomes | Meriones Unguiculatus | Mongolian Gerbil | Placental Development | Nucleolar Organizer
    Janet M Pooley #9
    Janet M Pooley
    Department of Pediatrics of the School of Medicine, The Univ
    Known for Increased Digital Whorls | Cells Diploid Counterparts | 69 Chromosomes | Liveborn Infant | Multiple Antigens Autopsy Blood
    Francis E Payne #10
    Francis E Payne
    Department of Human Genetics, Medical School, and Department
    Known for 69 Chromosomes | Human Diploid Fibroblasts | Fudr Cultures | Vaccinia Virus | Hela Cells

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