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Tubular Retractor

Richard G Fessler #1
Richard G Fessler
11Department of Neurosurgery, Rush University Medical Center
Known for Lumbar Spine | Spinal Cord | Interbody Fusion | Minimally Invasive
Larry T Khoo #2
Larry T Khoo
The Spine Clinic of Los Angeles, Good Samaritan Hospital, Un
Known for Lumbar Spine | Lateral Recess | Interbody Fusion | Minimally Invasive

Robert E Isaacs #3
Robert E Isaacs
Department of Neurological Surgery, Duke University Medical
Known for Minimally Invasive | Cervical Spine Surgery | Tumor Histology | Radiation Exposure
Amin Bardai Kassam #4
Amin Bardai Kassam
Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute, Advocate Aurora He
Known for Vidian Canal | Expanded Endonasal Approach | Endoscopic Endonasal | Skull Base
Paul Santiago #5
Paul Santiago
Washington University, St Louis, MO, USA | Department of Neu
Known for Operating Rooms | Neck Defects | Thoracic Spine | Superficial Cortex
Sylvain Palmer #6
Sylvain Palmer
Mary Kay Bader is a neuroscience/critical care clinical nurs
Known for Brain Death | Spinal Stenosis | Adam Williams Initiative | Intracranial Pressure
Mick J Perez‐Cruet #7
Mick J Perez‐Cruet
Department of Neurosurgery, Beaumont Health and Oakland Univ
Known for Nucleus Pulposus | Degenerative Disc Disease | Minimally Invasive | Cranial Base
Theodore H Schwartz #8
Theodore H Schwartz
Department of Neurosurgery, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York
Known for Pituitary Adenomas | Cavernous Sinus | Brain Metastases | Endoscopic Endonasal
Patrick J Kelly #9
Patrick J Kelly
2Neurosurgery, | Department of Neurosurgery, New York Univer
Known for Intracranial Lesions | Adrenal Medulla | Stereotactic Biopsy | Colloid Cysts
Langston T Holly #10
Langston T Holly
Department of Orthopaedics, David Geffen School of Medicine,
Known for Minimally Invasive | Decisional Conflict | Magnetic Resonance | Spinal Cord