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    KOL Index score: 24746

    BACKGROUND: Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are the consequences of disease and/or its treatment as reported by the patient. The importance of PRO measures in clinical trials for new drugs, biological agents, and devices was underscored by the release of the US Food and Drug Administration's draft guidance for industry titled "Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: Use in Medical Product Development to Support Labeling Claims." The intent of the guidance was to describe how the FDA will ...

    Also Ranks for: Measurement Equivalence |  task force |  reported outcome |  report recommendations |  ispor epro
    KOL Index score: 17593

    CONTEXT: Previous studies of testosterone supplementation in HIV-infected men failed to demonstrate improvement in muscle strength. The effects of resistance exercise combined with testosterone supplementation in HIV-infected men are unknown.

    OBJECTIVE: To determine the effects of testosterone replacement with and without resistance exercise on muscle strength and body composition in HIV-infected men with low testosterone levels and weight loss.

    DESIGN AND SETTING: Placebo-controlled, ...

    Also Ranks for: Resistance Exercise |  weight loss |  low testosterone levels |  testosterone replacement |  muscle strength
    KOL Index score: 15726

    BACKGROUND: Improving communication and collaboration among doctors and nurses can improve satisfaction among participants and improve patients' satisfaction and quality of care.

    OBJECTIVE: To determine the impact of a multidisciplinary intervention on communication and collaboration among doctors and nurses on an acute inpatient medical unit.

    METHODS: During a 2-year period, an intervention unit was created that differed from the control unit by the addition of a nurse practitioner to ...

    Also Ranks for: Nurses Physicians |  communication collaboration |  nurse practitioners |  intervention unit |  medical staff
    KOL Index score: 15442

    Importance: Patient-reported outcomes should be collected using validated questionnaires prior to and following laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery.

    Objective: To report the frequency of patient-reported visual symptoms, dry eye symptoms, satisfaction with vision, and satisfaction with LASIK surgery in the Patient-Reported Outcomes With LASIK (PROWL) studies.

    Design, Setting, and Participants: The PROWL-1 and PROWL-2 studies were prospective, observational studies conducted from ...

    Also Ranks for: Situ Keratomileusis |  lasik surgery |  3 months |  reported outcomes |  visual symptoms
    KOL Index score: 14841

    OBJECTIVES: This study uses the Consumer Assessments of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS((R))) survey to examine the experiences of Hispanics enrolled in Medicare managed care. Evaluations of care are examined in relationship to primary language (English or Spanish) and region of the country.

    DATA SOURCES: CAHPS 3.0 Medicare managed care survey data collected in 2002.

    STUDY DESIGN: The dependent variables consist of five CAHPS multi-item scales measuring timeliness of care, ...

    Also Ranks for: Provider Communication |  medicare managed |  language english |  hispanics spanish |  quality health
    KOL Index score: 14720

    PURPOSE: To measure health-related quality of life among adult patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease; to compare the health-related quality of life of adults with HIV with that of the general population and with patients with other chronic conditions; and to determine the associations of demographic variables and disease severity with health-related quality of life.

    SUBJECTS AND METHODS: We studied 2,864 HIV-infected adults participating in the HIV Cost and Services ...

    Also Ranks for: United States |  hiv disease |  healthrelated quality |  life adults |  human immunodeficiency virus
    KOL Index score: 14659

    OBJECTIVE: Refractive error and the means by which it is corrected may impact substantially on quality of vision and health-related quality of life in ways not captured adequately by standard measures of visual acuity. The goal of this analysis was to evaluate the responsiveness of the National Eye Institute Refractive Error Quality of Life (NEI-RQL) instrument to surgical correction of refractive error.

    DESIGN: Prospective, multicenter cohort study.

    PARTICIPANTS: The NEI-RQL, a 42-item ...

    Also Ranks for: Refractive Error |  surgical correction |  national eye |  visual acuity |  activity limitations
    KOL Index score: 13903

    OBJECTIVE: To estimate the psychometric properties of a vision-targeted measure of health-related quality of life, the National Eye Institute-Refractive Error Quality of Life survey (NEI-RQL), which includes 13 scales designed to assess the impact of refractive error and its correction on day-to-day life.

    DESIGN: Cross-sectional survey.

    PARTICIPANTS: The NEI-RQL was self-administered by 667 myopes, 380 hyperopes, and 114 emmetropes recruited from the practices of 6 medical centers. All ...

    Also Ranks for: Refractive Error |  psychometric properties |  national eye |  life neirql |  13 scales
    KOL Index score: 13738

    OBJECTIVES: This study examined the prospective effect of reported access to medical care on health-related quality-of-life outcomes in patients with symptomatic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease.

    METHODS: A cohort study was designed with interviews at baseline, follow-up interviews at 3 months after baseline, mortality follow-up through 6 months after baseline, and medical record reviews for selected baseline clinical data. Participants were HIV-infected patients who were ...

    Also Ranks for: Access Medical |  hiv disease |  mental health |  quality life |  illness surveys
    KOL Index score: 13680

    OBJECTIVE: This study examines whether parents' reports and ratings of pediatric health care vary by race/ethnicity and language in Medicaid managed care.

    DATA SOURCES: The data analyzed are from the National Consumer Assessment of Health Plans (CAHPS) Benchmarking Database 1.0 and consist of 9,540 children enrolled in Medicaid managed care plans in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Washington state from 1997 to 1998.

    DATA COLLECTION: The data were collected by ...

    Also Ranks for: Medicaid Managed |  health plans |  provider communication |  ethnic differences |  parents reports
    KOL Index score: 13648

    OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this research were to: (1) evaluate the reliability and equivalence of the Arabic and English versions of the RAND-36 Health Survey (RAND-36) in a sample of Saudi Arabian citizens; and (2) assess the health status of a sample of Saudi Arabian citizens using both the Arabic and English versions.

    METHODS: Both the Arabic and English versions of the survey were administered to a convenience sample of bilingual (English and Arabic) Saudi citizens (n = 415) at ...

    Also Ranks for: Arabic Version |  health survey |  saudi arabian |  internal consistency |  convenience sample
    KOL Index score: 13645

    OBJECTIVE: Consumer assessments of health care provide important information about how well health plans and clinicians meet the needs of the people they serve. The purpose of this study was to examine whether consumer reports and ratings of care in Medicaid managed care vary by race/ethnicity and language.

    DATA SOURCES: Data were derived from the National CAHPS Benchmarking Database (NCBD) 3.0 and consisted of 49,327 adults enrolled in Medicaid managed care plans in 14 states in ...

    Also Ranks for: Race Ethnicity |  medicaid managed |  language english |  health plans |  racial ethnic
    KOL Index score: 13602

    OBJECTIVES: To assess physician recognition of dementia and cognitive impairment, compare recognition with documentation, and identify physician and patient factors associated with recognition.

    DESIGN: Survey of physicians and review of medical records.

    SETTING: Health maintenance organization in southern California.

    PARTICIPANTS: Seven hundred twenty-nine physicians who provided care for women participating in a cohort study of memory (Women's Memory Study).

    MEASUREMENTS: Percentage of ...

    Also Ranks for: Cognitive Impairment |  patients dementia |  medical records |  patient characteristics |  telephone interview
    KOL Index score: 13564

    CONTEXT: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the most commonly prescribed class of antidepressant, yet it is not known whether one SSRI is more effective than another.

    OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness of 3 SSRIs (paroxetine, fluoxetine, and sertraline) in depressed primary care patients.

    DESIGN: Open-label, randomized, intention-to-treat trial, with patient enrollment occurring in April-November 1999.

    SETTING: Thirty-seven clinics in 2 US primary care research ...

    Also Ranks for: Paroxetine Fluoxetine |  9 months |  outcome measures |  healthrelated quality |  primary patients


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    practices pediatric patient #1
    oral health cohsi #1
    children machine #1
    life aged aged #1
    irt health outcomes #1
    29 capitated patients #1
    specialty aspects #1
    office visits ratings #1
    specific behaviors patients #1
    hazardous drinking risks #1
    comparison mail #1
    fiveitem measure #1
    differences recidivists #1
    –english versions #1
    united states sf36 #1
    monitoring preventive services #1
    poor adherence clinicians #1
    validity university #1
    patients sf12 items #1
    spanish consumer assessment #1
    pcmhs surveys #1
    cahps adult #1
    patientreported outcomes patient #1
    inflation mcs #1
    responses correlates #1
    physician male patients #1
    interventions fit #1
    mdg child #1
    variation readability #1
    older persons alcohol #1
    hrqol scores vfl #1
    communication new medication #1
    doctorguide #1
    anastrozole tamoxifen discontinuation #1
    statistical significance life #1
    sg disease severity #1
    new coordination questions #1
    practices pcmh recognition #1
    36‐item health survey #1
    pcps participants #1
    industry concerns #1
    comparisons hrqol #1
    edss scores questionnaires #1
    shrinks estimates #1
    colorectal score 95 #1
    placebo cell count #1
    short form development #1
    dosetiming #1
    access problems asians #1
    dsfalls relationship #1

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