• Urinary Retention 95
  • Urinary Retention 95

    Urinary Retention 95: Top KOLs in the world

    David Moher #1
    David Moher
    Clinical Epidemiology Program, Ottawa Hospital Research Inst
    Known for Consort Statement | Reporting Guidelines | Randomized Controlled Trials | Peer Review | Predatory Journals
    Douglas G Douglas #2
    Douglas G Douglas
    University of Oxford | Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Nu
    Known for Consort Statement | Randomised Trials | Target Difference | Transparent Reporting | Observational Studies

    Julian P T Higgins #3
    Julian P T Higgins
    Population Health Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol,
    Known for Genetic Association Studies | Risk Bias | Dental Caries | Hallux Valgus | Blood Cholesterol
    John P A Ioannidis #4
    John P A Ioannidis
    Departments of Medicine, of Epidemiology and Population Heal
    Known for Randomized Controlled Trials | Major Depression | Umbrella Review | Genetic Association | Observational Studies
    Alessandro Liberati #5
    Alessandro Liberati
    Italian Cochrane Centre, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacol
    Known for Practice Guidelines | Respiratory Tract Infections | Antibiotic Prophylaxis | Prisma Statement | Breast Cancer
    Peter Christian Gøtzsche #6
    Peter Christian Gøtzsche
    Institute for Scientific Freedom, Hørsholm, Denmark. | Insti
    Known for Breast Cancer | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Clinical Study Reports | Cochrane Reviews | Observational Studies
    Mike J Clarke #7
    Mike J Clarke
    Northern Ireland Methodology Hub, Centre for Public Health,
    Known for Cochrane Reviews | Endovascular Coiling | Randomised Trials | Music Therapy | Core Outcome
    Phillip J Devereaux #8
    Phillip J Devereaux
    Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University, H
    Known for Atrial Fibrillation | Nitrous Oxide | Randomized Controlled Trials | Noncardiac Surgery | Myocardial Injury
    Jos M P Kleijnen #9
    Jos M P Kleijnen
    School for Oncology and Developmental Biology (GROW), Maastr
    Known for Chronic Pain | Evidence Review | Preterm Birth | Prisma Statement | Liver Metastases
    Cynthia D Mulrow #10
    Cynthia D Mulrow
    University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Sa
    Known for Task Force | Prisma Statement | Reporting Systematic Reviews | Physical Therapy | Observational Studies

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