• Urinary Retention Patients
  • Urinary Retention Patients

    Urinary Retention Patients: Top KOLs in the world

    Alan J Wein #1
    Alan J Wein
    Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, University of Pe
    Known for Smooth Muscle | Field Stimulation | Contractile Response | Urinary Bladder | Prostate Cancer
    Paul H Abrams #2
    Paul H Abrams
    Bristol Urological Institute, North Bristol NHS Trust, South
    Known for Urinary Incontinence | International Consultation | Transurethral Resection | Laser Therapy | Overactive Bladder

    Christopher R Chapple #3
    Christopher R Chapple
    Department of Urology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Urology C
    Known for Urinary Incontinence | Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia | Tissue Engineering | Tract Symptoms | Overactive Bladder
    Sanjay K Saint #4
    Sanjay K Saint
    Center for Clinical Management Research, U.S. Department of
    Known for Urinary Catheter | Patient Safety | Infection Control | Hand Hygiene | United States
    Olavi A Lukkarinen #5
    Olavi A Lukkarinen
    Deaconess Institute of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. | Division of Ur
    Known for Prostate Cancer | Acid Phosphatase | Prostatic Carcinoma | Gene Transfer | Transurethral Resection
    Matti J Kontturi #6
    Matti J Kontturi
    Department of Urology, University Hospital, Oulu, Finland |
    Known for Bone Metastases | Estrogen Therapy | Urinary Retention | Prostatic Carcinoma | Acid Phosphatase
    Franco Carli #7
    Franco Carli
    Department of Anaesthesia, McGill University, Montreal Gener
    Known for Enhanced Recovery | Amino Acids | Early Mobilization | Epidural Analgesia | Colorectal Surgery
    TEUVO L J Tammela #8
    TEUVO L J Tammela
    Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Prostate Cancer R
    Known for Erectile Dysfunction | Postoperative Urinary Retention | Visual Laser Ablation | Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia | Prostate Cancer
    Jerry G Blaivas #9
    Jerry G Blaivas
    Institute for Bladder and Prostate Research, New York, NY, U
    Known for Detrusor Instability | Multiple Sclerosis | Nocturia Severity | Urinary Incontinence | Overactive Bladder
    James G Petros #10
    James G Petros
    Department of Surgery, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Bos
    Known for Controlled Analgesia | Postmenopausal Women | Mesenteric Lymph Nodes | Postoperative Urinary Retention | Pelvic Exenteration

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