• Varicose Ulcer Wounds
  • Varicose Ulcer Wounds

    Varicose Ulcer Wounds: Top KOLs in the world

    Finn Gottrup #1
    Finn Gottrup
    Professor, The Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, Bispebjerg U
    Known for Acid Secretion | Oxygen Tension | Leg Ulcers | Wound Healing | Blood Flow
    Chandan K Sen #2
    Chandan K Sen
    Department of Surgery, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
    Known for Oxidative Stress | Lipoic Acid | Skeletal Muscle | Gene Expression | Wound Healing

    Gayle M Gordillo #3
    Gayle M Gordillo
    Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering, In
    Known for Eoma Cells | Topical Oxygen | Endothelial Cell | Pressure Garment Therapy | Wound Healing
    Robert Scott Kirsner #4
    Robert Scott Kirsner
    Phillip Frost Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surger
    Known for Skin Cancer | Venous Leg Ulcers | United States | Pyoderma Gangrenosum | Wound Healing
    Keith Gordon Harding #5
    Keith Gordon Harding
    Skin Research Institute Singapore (SRIS), Singapore | Clinic
    Known for Diabetic Foot | Compression Therapy | Arterial Disease | Wound Healing | Venous Leg Ulcers
    Michael Thornton Longaker #6
    Michael Thornton Longaker
    Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructiv
    Known for Stem Cells | Growth Factor | Gene Expression | Wound Healing | Dura Mater
    Geoffrey C Gurtner #7
    Geoffrey C Gurtner
    Department of Surgery, University of Arizona College of Medi
    Known for Tissue Engineering | Scar Formation | Nipple Reconstruction | Wound Healing | Stem Cells
    Sashwati Roy #8
    Sashwati Roy
    Department of Surgery, IU Health Comprehensive Wound Center,
    Known for Lipoic Acid | Natural Vitamin | Endothelial Cells | Gene Expression | Wound Healing
    GREGORY S Schultz #9
    GREGORY S Schultz
    Institute for Wound Research, University of Florida, Gainesv
    Known for Wound Healing | Matrix Metalloproteinases | Connective Tissue | Gene Expression | Growth Factor
    Thomas K Hunt #10
    Thomas K Hunt
    Division of General Surgery, University of California, San F
    Known for Oxygen Tension | Growth Factor | Hox D3 | Breast Cancer | Wound Healing

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