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    Venous Thrombosis: Top KOLs in the world

    Frits Richard Rosendaal #1
    Frits Richard Rosendaal
    Department of Clinical Epidemiology, Leiden University Medic
    Known for Factor Viii | Oral Contraceptives | Young Women | Venous Thrombosis | Myocardial Infarction
    Harry Roger Büller #2
    Harry Roger Büller
    Department of Medicine, Amsterdam University Medical Center,
    Known for Major Bleeding | Atrial Fibrillation | Consultancy Honoraria | Pulmonary Embolism | Venous Thrombosis

    Paolo Prandoni #3
    Paolo Prandoni
    Arianna Anticoagulazione Foundation, Bologna | Arianna Found
    Known for Vein Thrombosis | Major Bleeding | Oral Anticoagulants | Venous Thromboembolism | Pulmonary Embolism
    Frits R ROSENDAAL #4
    Department of Epidemiology (F.R.R., B.S.S.), Leiden Universi
    Known for Factor Viii | Young Women | Venous Thrombosis | Myocardial Infarction | Oral Contraceptives
    Pieter H Reitsma #5
    Pieter H Reitsma
    Department of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) and the Einthov
    Known for Tissue Factor | Myocardial Infarction | Human Protein | Point Mutations | Venous Thrombosis
    Rogier M BERTINA #6
    Rogier M BERTINA
    Department of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Leiden University M
    Known for Activated Protein | Myocardial Infarction | Prothrombin Gene | Venous Thrombosis | Factor Viii
    Martin Hendrik Prins #7
    Martin Hendrik Prins
    Department of Epidemiology and Technology Assessment, Univer
    Known for Atrial Fibrillation | Major Bleeding | Venous Thromboembolism | Pulmonary Embolism | Intermittent Claudication
    John A Heit #8
    John A Heit
    Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, Mayo Clinic, Rocheste
    Known for Alcohol Dependence | Olmsted County | Deep Vein Thrombosis | Venous Thromboembolism | Pulmonary Embolism
    Jack Hirsh #9
    Jack Hirsh
    Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute, McMaster
    Known for Unfractionated Heparin | Impedance Plethysmography | Deep Vein Thrombosis | Venous Thromboembolism | Pulmonary Embolism
    Mary E Cushman #10
    Mary E Cushman
    Department of Medicine, Larner College of Medicine, Universi
    Known for Racial Differences | African Americans | Cardiovascular Health Study | Ischemic Stroke | Venous Thromboembolism



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