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Concepts for which Heng-hui Yin has direct influence:

venous ulceration
rantes expression
varicose ulcer
lower limbs
normal skin
peripheral blood
immunohistochemical staining

Prominent publications by Heng-hui Yin

KOL-Index: 7 OBJECTIVE: To study the effectiveness of RANTES in the pathogenesis of venous ulceration. METHODS: 40 Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) individuals were enrolled in the study and separated into the ulceration group (n=20) and non-ulceration group (n=20), according to CVI with or without ulceration, 10 healthy individuals were enrolled as control group. The expression of RANTES mRNA was ...
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Tissue Brim | Expression Normal | 40 Chronic Venous Insufficiency | Curing Ulceration
KOL-Index: 7 OBJECTIVE: To investigate the expression of RANTES in venous ulceration. METHODS: From patients with lower limb venous ulceration, patients with non-ulcerous venous insufficiency, and healthy individuals, peripheral blood was collected from the lower limb veins for measurement of RANTES mRNA using RT-PCR. RESULTS: In the ulceration group, the expression of RANTES mRNA was significantly ...
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Expression Venous | Rantes Mrna | Ulceration Lower

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