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Thomas Carpenter

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verruca vulgaris
varying regimens
phase iia
warts safety
site staff
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handle medication

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parenting stress
refractory epilepsy
vns implantation
vagus nerve stimulation
seizure frequency
parent domain
spouse subscale

Prominent publications by Thomas Carpenter

KOL-Index: 41 Influential theories propose an important role for the autonomic nervous system in social behaviour and emotion regulation. Difficulties with these capabilities occur in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is a neuromodulation technique that stimulates autonomic pathways by means of an electrode implanted around the left vagus nerve in the neck. It is a licenced ...
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Vagus | Stimulation Vns | Behaviour Asd | Relevant Search Terms
KOL-Index: 12 OBJECTIVE: Thousands of chemicals are in common use, but only a portion of them have undergone significant toxicologic evaluation, leading to the need to prioritize the remainder for targeted testing. To address this issue, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations are developing chemical screening and prioritization programs. As part of these efforts, it is ...
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Database Epa | Summaries Actor | Thousands Chemicals | Prioritization Program
KOL-Index: 7 Suicide research is vitally important, yet—like psychology research more broadly—faces methodological challenges. In recent years, researchers have raised concerns about standard practices in psychological research, concerns that apply to suicide research and raise questions about its robustness and validity. In the present paper, we review these concerns and the corresponding solutions put ...
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Open Transparent
KOL-Index: 5 OBJECTIVE: This study involved the collection of data on the demographic characteristics and chief complaints of patients of chiropractic college teaching clinics to study whether patients who visited different types of teaching clinics were demographically or clinically dissimilar. It represents a first step toward our ability to collect data from teaching clinics to test for differences ...
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Teaching Clinic Environment | 1-Week Survey | Populations Clinics | Chiropractic Colleges Off-Campus Sites
KOL-Index: 5
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KOL-Index: 4 Many states and school districts, as well as Principles and Standards for School Mathematics: Discussion Draft (NCTM 1998), recommend that algebra be taught in the early childhood years. Although young children often understand much more than traditionally thought, adults can have difficulty conceptualizing what would constitute appropriate algebra for the early childhood years.
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Algebra Early | Childrens Understanding
KOL-Index: 4 Successful geologic sequestration of carbon in deep saline aquifers requires accurate predictive models of rock-brine-CO2 interaction. Often overlooked in siliciclastic-hosted saline reservoirs is the carbonate buffering of the groundwater. Carbonate minerals are ubiquitous, even in siliciclastic host rocks, resulting in some carbonate buffering. Geochemical modeling of rock-brine-CO2 ...
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Siliciclastic Host Rocks | Incomplete Inaccurate Characterization | Initial Bicarbonate Buffering | Brine-Rock-Co2
KOL-Index: 3

Due to an error with the Open Science Framework, this preprint was unavailable for several months. A new one was created and now exists at OSF: with a direct link to the preprint at were surprised to see that this preprint is suddenly ...

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Open Framework | Survey-Based Iats | Direct Preprint

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