Robert W. Baloh

Robert W. Baloh

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vestibular migraine
iii trial
rizatriptan spells
vertigo attacks
newly recognized
headache symptoms
california angeles

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vascular retinopathy
cerebroretinal vasculopathy
single locus
hereditary endotheliopathy
deciduous teeth
stroke syndrome
ophthalmological features

Prominent publications by Robert W. Baloh

KOL-Index: 42 See Charidimou (doi:10.1093/aww253) for a scientific commentary on this article. Cerebroretinal vasculopathy, hereditary vascular retinopathy, and hereditary endotheliopathy, retinopathy, nephropathy and stroke are neurovascular syndromes initially described as distinct entities. Recently they were shown to be one disease caused by C-terminal frame-shift mutations in TREX1, which was termed ...
Known for
Vasculopathy Cerebral
KOL-Index: 11 There are multiple tests for the detection and diagnosis of increased lead absorption, but one test from each of two major categories excels as being most useful at the present time. These are blood lead concentration and free erythrocyte porphyrin (FEP) concentration. The blood lead test gives a measure of the dynamic body lead pool while the FEP test gives a sensitive measurement of tissue ...
Known for
Lead Test | Microcapillary Blood Sample | Primary Screening Devices | Future Screening Programs
KOL-Index: 10 ABSTRACT Patients with an acute unilateral peripheral vestibular loss present with severe vertigo, nausea, and vomiting. The diagnosis rests on finding spontaneous nystagmus (horizontal/torsional, unidirectional), gait imbalance (falling toward the side of lesion) and a positive head thrust sign (corrective saccades after head thrusts toward the lesion side). When no associated auditory or ...
Known for
Permanent Unilateral Peripheral Vestibular | Bilateral Hearing Loss | Viral Postviral Inflammation | Vertigo Spontaneous Nystagmus
KOL-Index: 7
KOL-Index: 7 The mechanisms controlling axon guidance are of fundamental importance in understanding brain development. Growing corticospinal and somatosensory axons cross the midline in the medulla to reach their targets and thus form the basis of contralateral motor control and sensory input. The motor and sensory projections appeared uncrossed in patients with horizontal gaze palsy with progressive ...
Known for
Horizontal Gaze Palsy | Fundamental | Medulla | Motor Sensory Projections

Stroke And Vertigo

KOL-Index: 7 Episodic vertigo frequently occurs in patients suffering from ischemia in the distribution of the vertebrobasilar circulation. It may occur in isolation, with other symptoms of vertebrobasilar insufficiency or with persisting symptoms and signs of infarction of the brain stem and cerebellum. When other symptoms and signs are present, the diagnosis is usually obvious, whereas, when vertigo ...
Known for
Vertebrobasilar | Circulation Ear | Labyrinth | Isolation Symptoms
KOL-Index: 5 Six patients with a distinct syndrome of persistent sensations of imbalance are presented. Common features included onset following a period of motion exposure, symptoms lasting months to years, mild unsteadiness and anxiety, minimal relief from antivertiginous medication, and normal neurologic and quantitative vestibulo-ocular examinations. One patient experienced recurrent episodes. Mal de ...
Known for
Visual Vestibular Environments | Syndrome Persistent | Normal Neurologic Quantitative Vestibulo-Ocular | Sensations Motion
KOL-Index: 4
KOL-Index: 3 OBJECTIVES: To assess whether patient age or sex was predictive of a bilaterally absent cervical or ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential (cVEMP or oVEMP). STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective case review. SETTING: Tertiary center. PATIENTS: Patients presenting with normal vestibular tests (i.e. normal caloric and rotational chair) who underwent cVEMP and/or oVEMP testing. Patients with ...
Known for
Ovemp Responses | Absent Vemp | Response Bilaterally | Normal Vestibular Tests
KOL-Index: 3 Benign positional vertigo, the most common cause of vertigo, can now be cured with a simple bedside maneuver. A series of recent publications have clarified the pathophysiology of benign positional vertigo and documented the efficacy of particle repositioning maneuvers for treating the condition. The number of genetic loci and abnormal genes associated with inherited auditory and vestibular ...
Known for
Benign Positional | Vestibular Disorders

Address correspondence to Dr. Randolph W. Evans, Suite 1370, 1200 Binz, Houston, TX 77004 or Dr. Robert W. Baloh, University of California, Reed Neurological Research Center, 710 Westwood Plaza, Box 951769, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1769

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