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Ningli Wang

Eye School Of Chengdu University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ineye Hospital Of Chengdu University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Key Laboratory Of Sichuan Province ...

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angle closure
lens extraction
optic nerve
chinese ocular
growth factor
pressure gradient
measurement methods

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birth cohorts
living standards
north america
east asia
clear pattern
corneal curvature
blood pressure

Prominent publications by Ningli Wang

KOL-Index: 104 BACKGROUND: Comparable global data on health and nutrition of school-aged children and adolescents are scarce. We aimed to estimate age trajectories and time trends in mean height and mean body-mass index (BMI), which measures weight gain beyond what is expected from height gain, for school-aged children and adolescents. METHODS: For this pooled analysis, we used a database of ...
Known for
Bangladesh | Kuwait | Comparators | Adolescence
KOL-Index: 47 Corneal curvature, a highly heritable trait, is a key clinical endophenotype for myopia - a major cause of visual impairment and blindness in the world. Here we present a trans-ethnic meta-analysis of corneal curvature GWAS in 44,042 individuals of Caucasian and Asian with replication in 88,218 UK Biobank data. We identified 47 loci (of which 26 are novel), with population-specific signals ...
Known for
Replication | Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis | Insights | Population-Specific Genes
KOL-Index: 33 BACKGROUND: Hypertension can be detected at the primary health-care level and low-cost treatments can effectively control hypertension. We aimed to measure the prevalence of hypertension and progress in its detection, treatment, and control from 1990 to 2019 for 200 countries and territories. METHODS: We used data from 1990 to 2019 on people aged 30-79 years from population-representative ...
Known for
Sub-Saharan Africa | 1990 | Diagnosis | Rates Women
KOL-Index: 22 Importance: Uncertainty currently exists about whether the same genetic variants are associated with susceptibility to low myopia (LM) and high myopia (HM) and to myopia and hyperopia. Addressing this question is fundamental to understanding the genetics of refractive error and has clinical relevance for genotype-based prediction of children at risk for HM and for identification of new ...
Known for
Scores | Gwas | 2165 Unrelated | Ophthalmic
KOL-Index: 21 Low salinity is one of important environmental factors which often led to mass mortality of the noble scallop Chlamys nobilis cultivated in the South coast of China. It is well known that enzymic system and non‐enzymic system both play crucial roles in all living organisms against severe environments. To investigate how change about enzymic system and non‐enzymic system in the stenohaline ...
Known for
Salinity Gene | Higher Tcc | Cnspi | Scallop
KOL-Index: 20 Recombinant forms contribute substantially to the genetic diversity of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1). Here we report a novel HIV-1 recombinant detected from a comprehensive HIV-1 molecular epidemiologic study among cross-border populations in China. Near full-length genome (NFLG) phylogenetic analysis showed that the novel HIV-1 recombinant ZJCIQ15005, which was isolated from a ...
Known for
Cross-Border Populations | Crf07bc Immigrant | Full-Length Genome | Rev
KOL-Index: 19 BACKGROUND: Myopia has become a worldwide public health issue, which is occurring at a younger age, leading to an increased risk of high myopia. Ocular complications associated with high myopia can lead to irreversible vision loss. It is urgent and critical to explore effective treatment to slow down or even stop the progression of myopia in young children. OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study ...
Known for
Combination Atropine | Myopia Meta
KOL-Index: 15 PURPOSE: To investigate the prevalence of visual impairment in a rural northern Chinese population. METHODS: A cross-sectional, population-based survey was conducted in 2010 in Ci County, Hebei Province in northern China. Residents aged 7 years and older in Lucunying Town, located within Ci County, underwent presenting visual acuity (VA) testing at home; those with presenting VA <20/60 were ...
Known for
Rural Northern Chinese | Rates Bilateral | Population-Weighted Prevalences | Best-Corrected
KOL-Index: 15 Objective To investigate the attainment of therapeutic targets for glycosylated hemoglobin and blood pressure, ophthalmologic examination, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinopathy (DR) with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Methods A cross-sectional study in type 2 diabetic patients was conducted in a community of Fushun between July 2012 and May 2013. Questionnaire, detailed ophthalmic ...
Known for
Receiving Ophthalmologic | Threatening Treated | Targets Glycosylated | Hemoglobin Blood
KOL-Index: 14 BACKGROUND: To contribute to the WHO initiative, VISION 2020: The Right to Sight, an assessment of global vision impairment in 2020 and temporal change is needed. We aimed to extensively update estimates of global vision loss burden, presenting estimates for 2020, temporal change over three decades between 1990-2020, and forecasts for 2050. METHODS: We did a systematic review and ...
Known for
Impairment 2020 | Presbyopia | Decades | Temporal

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