Xiabin Chen

Xiabin Chen

College Of Pharmacy, School Of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China; Key Laboratory Of Elemene Class Anti-Cancer Chinese Medicines; Engineering Laboratory Of ...

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cocaine abuse
dendrobium officinale
protein expression
influenza viruses
passerine birds
gene transfer
drug delivery systems

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illicit drug
international wastewater monitoring
temporal trends
combined doses
dendrobium officinale
cocaine addiction
mass loads

Prominent publications by Xiabin Chen

KOL-Index: 93 Cocaine abuse is a serious global public health and social problem, and cocaine detoxification remains a challenge. Benzoylecgonine (BE) is the main toxic metabolite after cocaine consumption, with a longer retention time in the body and environment than cocaine itself. According to many studies, the toxicity of BE to humans is as significant as cocaine itself. Moreover, BE is recognized as ...
Known for
Worries | Marked Sub-Lethal Toxicity | Longer Retention Time | Effective Elimination Methods
KOL-Index: 36 A total of 267 passerine birds distributed among 37 species were netted during spring 1980 and summer 1981 in the Laurentian and Montreal areas. All the cloacal swabs collected at that time wer free of influenza viruses. Three and five days after oral administration of avian or human influenza A virus strains, 108 isolates were obtained from 42 of 134 passerine birds. Positive samples were ...
Known for
Viruses Detected | Transmission Inoculated | Birds Cages | Ducks Passerine
KOL-Index: 36 INTRODUCTION: Tyrosine kinase 2 (Tyk2) is a non-receptor tyrosine-protein kinase, an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the TYK2 gene. Tyk2, together with three other family subtypes, namely, Jak1, Jak2, and Jak3, belong to the JAK family. Before 2014, far more publications and patents appeared in public domain attributing to the development of selective Jak2 and Jak3 inhibitors than those ...
Known for
Desired Pharmacological Effects | Jak-Stat | Non-Receptor Tyrosine-Protein Kinase | Selective Tyk2 Jak1 Inhibitors
KOL-Index: 34 Background: Endophyte has now become a potential source for the discovery of novel natural products, as they participate in biochemical pathways of their hosts and produce analogous or novel bioactive compounds. As an epiphytic plant, Dendrobium officinale is one of precious Chinese medicines with various activities. It is well known for containing diverse endophytes, but so far not much is ...
Known for
Bacteria Dendrobium | Endophyte Streptomyces | Source Anticancer | Officinale Potential
KOL-Index: 34 Gene transfer of a human cocaine hydrolase (hCocH) derived from butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) by 5 mutations (A199S/F227A/S287G/A328W/Y332G) has shown promise in animal studies for treatment of cocaine addiction. To predict the physiological fate and immunogenicity of this enzyme in humans, a comparable enzyme was created and tested in a conspecific host. Thus, similar mutations ...
Known for
Hydrolase Activity
KOL-Index: 28 Cocaine abuse is a worldwide public health and social problem without a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medication. Accelerating cocaine metabolism that produces biologically inactive metabolites by administration of an efficient cocaine hydrolase (CocH) has been recognized as a promising strategy for cocaine abuse treatment. However, the therapeutic effects of CocH are ...
Known for
Hydrolase Cocaine
KOL-Index: 28 Twelve guaianolide-type sesquiterpene oligomers with diverse structures were isolated from the whole plants of Ainsliaea fragrans, including a novel trimer (1) and two new dimers (2, 3). The chemical structures of the new compounds were elucidated through spectroscopic data interpretation and computational calculations. Ainsfragolide (1) is an unusual guaianolide sesquiterpene trimer ...
Known for
Unusual Guaianolide Sesquiterpene Trimer | Guaianolide-Type Sesquiterpene Oligomers | C-C Linkage | Michael Addition
KOL-Index: 27 As new metabolic pathways of cocaine were recently identified, a high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method was developed to simultaneously determine cocaine and nine cocaine-related metabolites in whole blood samples. One-step solid phase extraction was used to extract all of the ten compounds and corresponding internal standards from blood samples. ...
Known for
Precision Recovery | Standards Blood | Cocaine Metabolites
KOL-Index: 25 β-elemene is a noncytotoxic Class II antitumor drug extracted from the traditional Chinese medicine Curcuma wenyujin Y. H. Chen et C. Ling. β-elemene exerts its effects by inhibiting cell proliferation, arresting the cell cycle, inducing cell apoptosis, exerting antiangiogenesis and antimetastasis effects, reversing multiple-drug resistance (MDR), and enhancing the immune system. Elemene ...
Known for
Targeting Liposomes | Therapy Elemene | Antitumor Drug | Injection Oral
KOL-Index: 25 Benzoylecgonine (BZE) is the major toxic metabolite of cocaine and is responsible for the long-term cocaine-induced toxicity owing to its long residence time in humans. BZE is also the main contaminant following cocaine consumption. Here, we identified the bacterial cocaine esterase (CocE) as a BZE-metabolizing enzyme (BZEase), which can degrade BZE into biological inactive metabolites ...
Known for
Biological Inactive Metabolites | Contaminant | Computational Design Crystal Structure | Major Toxic Metabolite

College of Pharmacy, School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, China; Key Laboratory of Elemene Class Anti-Cancer Chinese Medicines; Engineering Laboratory of Development and Application of Traditional Chinese Medicines; Collaborative

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