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An evaluation of the inactive mouse X chromosome in somatic cell hybrids: Influence Statistics

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An evaluation of the inactive mouse X chromosome in somatic cell hybrids


. The expression of mouseZfx, Rps4, Ube1x, andXist was evaluated in hamstermouse somatic cell hybrids containing either an active or an inactive mouse X chromosome using polymerase chain reaction of reverse transcribed RNA (RT-PCR). The results showed thatZfx, Rps4, andUbe1x are expressed exclusively from the active mouse X, whileXist is expressed exclusively from the inactive X. These findings confirm the pattern of X inactivation for these mouse genes reported previously based on expression in somatic tissues of F1 females from interspecific crosses. These results demonstrate the existence of differences between human and mouse X inactivation, as the corresponding human genes,ZFX, RPS4X, andUBE1 escape X inactivation.