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    An Unusual Cause of Acute Headache: Subarachnoid Free Air Secondary to Spontaneous Bronchopleurodurosubarachnoid Fistula From a Pancoast Tumor

    Authors: Majid A KhanDavid A JoynerTodd A NicholsCharlotte S TaylorEllen E ParkerDmitriy N KazimirkoTeddi H Berry
    Year: 2016
    Times cited: 3

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    An unusual cause of acute headache: subarachnoid free air secondary to spontaneous bronchopleurodurosubarachnoid fistula from a Pancoast tumor


    Pneumocephalus and pneumorrhachis are related to transgression of the barriers to the central nervous system. We present a patient with a Pancoast tumor treated with palliative chemoradiation who developed symptomatic spinal and intracranial air caused by spontaneous bronchopleurodurosubarachnoid fistula secondary to direct tumor invasion into the thecal sac.

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