Atopic Dermatitis Exclusively Localized on Nipples and Areolas: Influence Statistics

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Atopic Dermatitis Exclusively Localized on Nipples and Areolas


. We present an 11-year-old girl, with celiac disease, and a 9- month history of itchy and erythemato-edematous lesions with vesicles and exudation on her nipples and areolas. No other lesions or signs of scratching were present on her face or folds. She had no specific lesions of atopic dermatitis in typical sites nor in other body surface during her life. Patch tests showed a positive reaction to nickel and thimerosal that was not significantly related to the clinical appearance. This presentation documents the clinical relevance of atopic dermatitis minor diagnostic criteria. We discuss the importance of nipple eczema in AD and its differential diagnosis.