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sgm adolescents
unique dermatologic
gender minority
lgbtqia youth
pediatric dermatologists
tanning behavior
historically underserved

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skin cancer
gay bisexual

Dermatologic care of sexual and gender minority/LGBTQIA youth, Part 2: Recognition and management of the unique dermatologic needs of SGM adolescents


Sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/gender diverse, questioning/queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) persons, represent a historically underserved population within the field of medicine, though their unique health needs are increasingly recognized. Part 2 of this two-part review will address unique concerns regarding acne, tanning behavior, sexually transmitted infections, and other health disparities among SGM adolescents. A more comprehensive understanding of the dermatologic needs of SGM youth will better allow pediatric dermatologists to actively and compassionately care for this health disparity population.

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