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KOL-Index: 24910 . BACKGROUND: Bortezomib and rituximab have shown additive activity in preclinical models of lymphoma, and have been shown to be active and generally well tolerated in a randomised phase 2 study in patients with follicular and marginal zone lymphoma. We compared the efficacy and safety of rituximab alone or combined with bortezomib in patients with relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma ...
Known for Rituximab Patients | Follicular Lymphoma | 3 Trial | Progressionfree Survival
KOL-Index: 18273 . BACKGROUND: The role of rituximab in combination with different CHOP (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone)-like chemotherapy regimens in young patients with good-prognosis diffuse large-B-cell lymphoma remains to be defined. We aimed to compare CHOP-like chemotherapy and rituximab with CHOP-like chemotherapy alone in these patients. METHODS: 824 patients who were ...
Known for Young Patients | Choplike Chemotherapy | Rituximab Monoclonal Antibodies | Prognosis Diffuse
KOL-Index: 18218 . BACKGROUND: Longer duration of first-line chemotherapy for patients with metastatic breast cancer is associated with prolonged overall survival and improved progression-free survival. We investigated capecitabine added to maintenance bevacizumab after initial treatment with bevacizumab and docetaxel in this setting. METHODS: We did this open-label randomised phase 3 trial at 54 hospitals ...
Known for Capecitabine Bevacizumab | Metastatic Breast | Progressionfree Survival | 3 Trial
KOL-Index: 17923 . OBJECTIVES: The emerging fungal pathogens comprising the Candida haemulonii complex (Candida haemulonii, Candida haemulonii var. vulnera and Candida duobushaemulonii) are notable for their antifungal resistance. Twelve isolates with phenotypic similarity to C. haemulonii were recovered from patients in Brazilian hospitals. Here we aimed to identify these isolates by a molecular approach, ...
Known for Candida Haemulonii | Clinical Isolates | Species Identification | Fungal Dna
KOL-Index: 17394 . BACKGROUND: In recent years, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have generated considerable interest and debate on the implications for tobacco control and public health. Although the rapid growth of e-cigarettes is global, at present, little is known about awareness and use. This paper presents self-reported awareness, trial and current use of e-cigarettes in 10 countries surveyed ...
Known for 10 Countries | Electronic Cigarettes | United States | Itc Project
KOL-Index: 17382 . Drug resistance is a major hurdle for successful treatment of breast cancer, the leading cause of deaths in women throughout the world. The FOXM1 transcription factor is a potent oncogene that transcriptionally regulates a wide range of target genes involved in DNA repair, metastasis, cell invasion, and migration. However, little is known about the role of FOXM1 in cell survival and the ...
Known for Xiap Survivin | Breast Cancer | Apoptosis Protein | Foxm1 Expression
KOL-Index: 17344 . BACKGROUND: Mutations in BRCA2 cause a higher risk of early-onset aggressive prostate cancer (PrCa). The IMPACT study is evaluating targeted PrCa screening using prostate-specific-antigen (PSA) in men with germline BRCA1/2 mutations. OBJECTIVE: To report the utility of PSA screening, PrCa incidence, positive predictive value of PSA, biopsy, and tumour characteristics after 3 yr of ...
Known for Brca2 Mutation | Impact Study | Specific Antigen | Brca1 Genes
KOL-Index: 16837 . PURPOSE: Delirium is a frequent and serious problem in the intensive care unit (ICU) that is associated with increased mortality, prolonged mechanical ventilation, and prolonged hospital length of stay (LOS). The main objective of the present study was to compare and assess the agreement between the diagnosis of delirium obtained by the Confusion Assessment Method for the ICU (CAM-ICU) and ...
Known for Patients Icu | Delirium Icdsc | Study Agreement | Intensive Unit
KOL-Index: 15601 . BACKGROUND: Evaluation of short-term mortality displacement is essential to accurately estimate the impact of short-term air pollution exposure on public health. OBJECTIVES: We quantified mortality displacement by estimating single-day lag effects and cumulative effects of air pollutants on mortality using distributed lag models. METHODS: We performed a daily time series of nonaccidental ...
Known for Mortality Displacement | Air Pollution | Elderly Residents | Paulo Brazil
KOL-Index: 15571 . Tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand—TNFSF10 (TRAIL), a member of the TNF-α family and a death receptor ligand, was shown to selectively kill tumor cells. Not surprisingly, TRAIL is downregulated in a variety of tumor cells, including BCR–ABL-positive leukemia. Although we know much about the molecular basis of TRAIL-mediated cell killing, the mechanism responsible for ...
Known for Cml Patients | Bcr Abl | Zeste Homolog | Trail Expression
KOL-Index: 15250 . BACKGROUND: Before this study started, the standard postoperative chemotherapy regimen for stage II-III Wilms' tumour pretreated with chemotherapy was to include doxorubicin. However, avoidance of doxorubicin-related cardiotoxicity effects is important to improve long-term outcomes for childhood cancers that have excellent prognosis. We aimed to assess whether doxorubicin can be omitted ...
Known for Doxorubicin Children | Adjuvant Child Child | Preoperative Chemotherapy | Wt 2001
KOL-Index: 14790 . INTRODUCTION: Contemporary information on mechanical ventilation (MV) use in emerging countries is limited. Moreover, most epidemiological studies on ventilatory support were carried out before significant developments, such as lung protective ventilation or broader application of non-invasive ventilation (NIV). We aimed to evaluate the clinical characteristics, outcomes and risk factors ...
Known for Ventilatory Support | Hospital Mortality | Niv Failure | Invasive Mv
KOL-Index: 14766 . INTRODUCTION: The current shortage of accurate and readily available, validated biomarkers of disease severity in sepsis is an important limitation when attempting to stratify patients into homogeneous groups, in order to study pathogenesis or develop therapeutic interventions. The aim of the present study was to determine the cytokine profile in plasma of patients with severe sepsis by ...
Known for Organ Dysfunction | Cytokine Profile | Severe Sepsis | Multiplex Analysis
KOL-Index: 14528 . OBJECTIVE: To describe the risk of structural disease recurrence in a cohort of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer selected for treatment with either thyroid lobectomy or total thyroidectomy without radioactive iodine remnant ablation (RRA). DESIGN: Retrospective review. PATIENTS: A total of 289 patients were selected for either thyroid lobectomy (n = 72) or total thyroidectomy (n ...
Known for Total Thyroidectomy | Disease Recurrence | Differentiated Thyroid Cancer | Initial Therapy
KOL-Index: 14440 . BACKGROUND: Over two-thirds of the world's cancer deaths occur in economically developing countries; however, the societal costs of cancer have rarely been assessed in these settings. Our aim was to estimate the value of productivity lost in 2012 due to cancer-related premature mortality in the major developing economies of Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa ...
Known for South Africa | Premature Mortality | Productivity Losses | Brics Countries

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