Pandemic Pandemonium: Influence Statistics

Expert Impact

Concepts for which they have has direct influence: Humans pandemics , Coronavirus infections , Pneumonia viral , Pandemics pneumonia , Betacoronavirus covid19 , Cov2 betacoronavirus , Risk sars .

Key People For Humans Pandemics

Top KOLs in the world
Ting Yu
wuhan china 99 cases hospital survivors
Kwok Yung Yuen
hong kong middle east influenza virus
Guohui Fan
renal insufficiency mainland china lipid derivatives
Xiaoying Gu
2 years bogalusa heart study cardiac injury
Xingwang Li
acute brucellosis severe fever thrombocytopenia syndrome
Bin Cao
mycoplasma pneumoniae influenza virus acquired pneumonia

Pandemic Pandemonium