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student centers
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young adults
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college students
nurse practitioner
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student centers
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Re-envisioning the role of student health centers in offering LGBTQIA + friendly and sex-positive services


Objective:Offering comprehensive lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual (LGBTQIA+) friendly and sex-positive student health centers are central to institutions of higher education being able to retain and support students. Positive sexual experiences for LGBTQIA + students can have an impact on academic success but many LGBTQIA + students are discriminated against and are often victims of microaggressions. Participants: Twenty undergraduate students enrolled in a LGBTQIA+ health course. Methods: Students in an LGBTQIA + Health undergraduate course at a private Northeastern university assessed what mattered most to them when it came to creating a sex-positive healthcare environment that promotes LGBTQIA + inclusiveness and removes perceived barriers. Results:The themes included expanding mental health care, greater involvement of culturally-competent provider, establishing a stigma-free clinical environment, re-imagining the clinic waiting room, and facilitating sexual health advocacy. Conclusion: Re-envisioning the role of student health centers is critical for ensuring every student has a fair and just opportunity to achieve their full health potential.

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