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David F Jorgensen #1
David F Jorgensen
Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Me
Known for Eyewall Rainbands | Personality Attitudes | Mature Hurricanes | General Observations
Frank D Marks #2
Frank D Marks
1 NOAA/AOML Hurricane Research Division, Miami, FL | Hurrica
Known for Boundary Layer | Rapid Intensification | Hurricane Norbert | Doppler Radar

John F Gamache #3
John F Gamache
Hurricane Research Division, Atlantic Oceanographic and Mete
Known for Stratiform Clouds | Water Budget | Thermodynamic Structure | Convective Cell
Norman L BA Cantor #4
Norman L BA Cantor
Rutgers Law School, Newark, NJ 07102, USA. ncantor@andromeda
Known for Karen Quinlan | Criminal Law | Healthcare Providers | Life Support
Robert A Houze, #5
Robert A Houze,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
Known for Mesoscale Convective Systems | Stratiform Region | Indian Ocean | Vertical Structure
Keith G Blackwell #6
Keith G Blackwell
Department of Earth Sciences, University of South Alabama, M
Known for Tropical Plumes | Barotropic Model | Extreme Rainfall | Hurricane Danny
Robert W Burpee #7
Robert W Burpee
Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies, Un
Known for Gulf Stream | Omega Dropwindsondes | Aircraft Data | Tropical Cyclone
Edward N Rappaport #8
Edward N Rappaport
NOAA/NWS/NCEP National Hurricane Center, Miami, Florida | Na
Known for North Pacific | Tropical Storms | Quiet Year | United States
Mark D Powell #9
Mark D Powell
Risk Management Solutions, Tallahassee, Florida | Hurricane
Known for Tropical Cyclones | Integrated Kinetic Energy | Surface Wind | Storm Surge
William M Gray #10
William M Gray
Department of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota, 55108,
Known for Diurnal Variation | East Coast | Aircraft Reconnaissance | African Rainfall