• Who are the top experts researching treatments for abdominal epilepsy?

    The top experts researching abdominal epilepsy are: Matthew T. Moore, Andrew G. Herzog and Marc A. Dichter.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about abdominal epilepsy?

    The most researched concepts in studies of abdominal epilepsy are: Temporal Lobe, Anticonvulsant Medication, Differential Diagnosis, Pain Children, Recurrent Attacks, Breast Cancer, Long Term, Blood Pressure, Physical Activity and Phase Iii.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in abdominal epilepsy?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in abdominal epilepsy:

    1. Dr Jeremy ReesQueen Square, London WC1N 3BG, United Kingdom Phone: +442070316018
    2. Dementech NeurosciencesLister House, 11-12 Wimpole St, London W1G 9ST, United Kingdom Phone: +442038484500
    3. Fundacja Epileptologii prof. J. MajkowskiegoWiertnicza 122, 02-952 Warszawa, Poland Phone: +48228422492
    4. Prof. Dr. Erhan BilirKızılay, Bayındır-1 Sk. No:59 D:3, 06670 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey Phone: +903124177020

Recent articles about Abdominal Epilepsy

Thermographic Examination Of Low Back And Abdominal Area Skin Temperatures In...

[ CLINICAL_TRIAL ] ... "Abdominal Epilepsy" has been described in the neurology literature. The present study seeks to amplify understanding of this clinical entity by measuring abdominal area and low back skin ...
Known for
Focal Onset | Abdominal Area | Skin Temperature | Thermographic Examination

Abdominal Epilepsy

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of abdominal epilepsy has been recognized for a number of years, but is rarely diagnosed. Our experience indicates that it occurs with a much greater frequency than was formerly suspected. ...
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Diphenylhydantoin Sodium | Paroxysmal Attacks | Greater Frequency

Abdominal Epilepsy

[ PUBLICATION ] ... confu
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Anticonvulsant Medication | Gastrointestinal Complaints | Neurological Symptoms

Abdominal Epilepsy In The Adult.

Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Mesenteric Arteriography | Therapeutic Serum | Physical Examination

Abdominal Epilepsy Treated With Vagal Nerve Stimulation: A Case Report.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... IMPORTANCE: Abdominal epilepsy is a rare seizure disorder characterized by episodic gastrointestinal symptoms with electroencephalogram abnormalities. It is typically well treated with ...
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Vagal Nerve Stimulation | Anti-Epileptic Medications | Seizure Frequency

Abdominal Epilepsy And Foreign Body In The Abdomen - Dilemma In Diagnosis Of...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... pain; abdominal epilepsy is one of the rarer causes. It is a form of temporal lobe epilepsy presenting with abdominal aura. Temporal lobe epilepsy is often idiopathic, however it may be ...
Known for
Abdominal Pain | Abdomen - Dilemma | Temporal Lobe Epilepsy | Anatomical Abnormality

Abdominal Epilepsy. A Cause Of Abdominal Pain In Adults.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... that abdominal epilepsy should be considered in the differential diagnosis of unexplained paroxysmal abdominal pain.
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Striking Response | Eeg Abnormalities | Anticonvulsant Medication

Abdominal Epilepsy: A Cause Of Abdominal Pain In Adults

[ PUBLICATION ] ... that abdominal epilepsy should be considered in the differential diagnosis of unexplained paroxysmal abdominal pain.(JAMA 240:2450-2451, 1978)
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Differential Diagnosis | Cns Disturbance | Anticonvulsant Medication

Abdominal Epilepsy In An Adolescent With Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria

[ PUBLICATION ] ... having abdominal epilepsy and a bilateral sylvian cortical malformation. METHODS AND RESULTS: During an EEG examination, the patient had a simple partial seizure, manifested as intense ...
Known for
Abdominal Epilepsy | Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria | Asymmetric Lesions | Eeg Examination

Abdominal Pain As A Manifestation Of Epilepsy (Abdominal Epilepsy) In Children

[ PUBLICATION ] ... (abdominal epilepsy) are presented.2.All of these patients presented one or more of the following features:a.Recurrent attacks of abdominal pain followed by postictal-like exhaustion and ...
Known for
Abdominal Pain | Favorable Response | Dilantin Therapy | Cerebral Origin


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