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Arthritis Mutilans

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Arthritis Mutilans | Grappa Initiative | Digital Shortening | Severe Form

Mri Bone Oedema Scores Are Higher In The Arthritis Mutilans Form Of Psoriatic...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the arthritis mutilans (AM) form of psoriatic arthritis (PsA). METHODS: Twenty-eight patients with erosive PsA were enrolled (median disease duration of 14 years). Using x-rays of both ...
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Bone Oedema | Psoriatic Arthritis | Joint Damage | Radiographic Scores

Failure Of Small Joint Arthrodesis From Resorption Around A Compression Screw In...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... arthritis mutilans. Arthritis mutilans is a variant of erosive arthritis that is more commonly reported with psoriatic and rheumatoid arthritis and not with SLE. Joint fusion has been ...
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Arthritis Mutilans | Compression Screw | Small Joint Arthrodesis | Joint Fusion

Arthritis Mutilans: A Report From The Grappa 2012 Annual Meeting.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... partici
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Arthritis Mutilans | Grappa 2012 Annual Meeting | Severe Form | Breakout Discussions

Grappa 2013 Annual Meeting, Rheumatology Updates: Psoriatic Arthritis (Psa)...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... arthritis mutilans. Also reviewed are concepts and rationale behind a proposal to study classification criteria for peripheral spondyloarthritis, including PsA, reactive arthritis, ...
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Biomarker Project | Arthritis Mutilans | Rheumatology Updates | 2013 Annual Meeting

Pseudoarthroplastic' Hand In Arthritis Mutilans.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... arthritis mutilans and hand radiographic appearance suggestive of previous surgery is described. We propose the term 'pseudoarthroplastic' hand for this radiological finding.
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Arthritis Mutilans | Pseudoarthroplastic Hand | Radiological Finding | Radiographic Appearance

Arthritis Mutilans In Systemic Sclerosis

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Arthritis Mutilans | Systemic Sclerosis

Follow-Up Of Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans Patients Treated With Anti-Tnf-Alpha Therapy.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Arthritis mutilans is a rare clinical form of PsA in which osteolysis and destructive changes in the joints lead to irreversible deformity and loss of function. This paper describes three ...
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Psoriatic Arthritis Mutilans | Anti-Tnf-Alpha Therapy | Arthritis Psa | Lasting Deformities

[Mutilans Type Of Rheumatoid Arthritis].

[ PUBLICATION ] ... arthritis mutilans, the clinical history, activity of inflammation, histological findings and treatment have been studied on the basis of follow-up of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients ...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis | Joint Destruction | Pathophysiological Features | Higher Activity

Radiographic Development During Three Decades In A Patient With Psoriatic...

[ PUBLICATION ] Psoriatic arthritis mutilans (PAM) is the most severe and rare form of psoriatic arthritis (PsA). We describe radiological development in a typical case of PAM covering three decades in order to ...
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Psoriatic Arthritis | Gross Osteolysis | Early Diagnosis | Improved Effective


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