Biceps Tendon Rupture

  • Who are the top experts researching treatments for Biceps tendon rupture?

    The top experts researching Biceps tendon rupture are: Peifu Tang, Mr Giles Foley and Michael Kjaer.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about Biceps tendon rupture?

    The most researched concepts in studies of Biceps tendon rupture are: Acute Achilles, Weight Bearing, Long Head, Surgical Repair, Plaster Cast, Functional Brace, Rotator Cuff, Ukstar Trial, Personal Social and Exclusion Criteria.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in Biceps tendon rupture?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in Biceps tendon rupture:

    1. OrthoArizona - Avondale10450 W McDowell Rd #102, Avondale, AZ 85392, United States Phone: +16238467614
    2. New England Orthopedic Surgeons Inc300 Birnie Ave #201, Springfield, MA 01107, United States Phone: +14137854666
    3. Royal National Orthopaedic HospitalBrockley Hill, Stanmore HA7 4LP, United Kingdom Phone: +442039470100
    4. ARCUS SportklinikRastatter Str. 17-19, 75179 Pforzheim, Germany Phone: +497231605560

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Repair Of The Distal Biceps Tendon Using Suture Anchors And An Anterior Approach

[ PUBLICATION ] ... the biceps tendon rupture from the radial tuberosity. A single anterior incision, limited volar dissection, and implantable bone anchors were used. With this technique, the authors have ...
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