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The Effects Of Laterally Wedged Insoles On Reducing Knee Pain And Physical...

[ CLINICAL_TRIAL ] Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful and costly condition. Wedged shoe insoles are a simple intervention that may reduce pain and slow disease progression in people with knee OA and bow legs. ...
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Wedged Insoles | Knee Osteoarthritis | Physical Disability | Effects Shoes

The Effects Of Knee Malalignment And Quadriceps Strengthening On Increasing The...

[ CLINICAL_TRIAL ] ... (bow legs). To investigate the effects of thigh muscles strengthening on knee joint loading and to examine if the effects are different in people with and without knee malalignment (bow legs)
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Knee Malalignment | Adduction Moment | Quadriceps Strengthening | Thigh Muscles

Investigation And Comparison Of The Results Of Correction Of Knee Varus Deformity...

[ CLINICAL_TRIAL ] Study aimInvestigation and comparison of the results of correction of knee varus deformity with medial open wedge and lateral closed wedgeDesignIn this study, sample size is 76 and no blinding ...
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Varus Deformity | Medial Open | Lateral Closed | Surgery Knee

Management Of Bow Legs In Children: A Primary Care Protocol.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... physiologic bow legs in the primary care environment through the use of a noninvasive technique that simultaneously tracks normal varus progression and screens for potential pathologic ...
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Bow Legs | 24 Moa | Initial Signs | Genu Varum

Schmid's Type Of Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia: Diagnosis And Management

[ PUBLICATION ] ... and bow legs. Orthopaedic interventions were primarily pe
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Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia | Bow Legs | Waddling Gait | Moderate Short Stature

The Relationship Between Blount's Disease And Bow Legs*

[ PUBLICATION ] ... severe bow legs. A study of the knees of 75 Jamaican children who presented with severe bow legs was carried out. Radiological examination revealed three different appearances. I. Severe ...
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Bow Legs | Jamaican Child | Eccentric Pressure | Tibial Metaphysis

Bow Legs And Knock Knees

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of bow legs and knock—knees—physiologic varus and valgus, Blount’s disease, rickets, and trauma—are considered.
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Knock Knees | Bow Legs | Physiologic Varus | Rickets Trauma

Bow Legs And Knock Knees: Is It Physiological Or Pathological?

[ PUBLICATION ] ... and bow legs are commonly seen pediatric orthopedic problem, as the child grows the knee undergoes sequential changes in the axial development from varus to valgus. Differences in ...
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Knock Knees | Bow Legs | Normal Physiological | Children Deformity

Clinical Evaluation Of Bowed Legs In Children

[ PUBLICATION ] ... pathologic bow legs. Because the great majority of these children have physiologic bowing, routine radiographic screening and referral are not cost effective and expose children to ...
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Cover Test | Infantile Tibia | Physiologic Bowing | Bowed Legs

Metaphyseal Anadysplasia: Evidence Of Genetic Heterogeneity

[ PUBLICATION ] ... had bow legs and a transient growth decline in early childhood. Metaphyseal modifications of the long bones in the children were most conspicuous at an early age and then subsided by age 2 ...
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Metaphyseal Anadysplasia | Genetic Heterogeneity | Mild Modifications | Early Age


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