• Childhood Psoriasis

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for childhood psoriasis?

    The top experts researching childhood psoriasis are: Elke M. G. J. De Jong, Peter C. M. Van De Kerkhof and Emmanuel Mahé.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about childhood psoriasis?

    The most researched concepts in studies of childhood psoriasis are: Systemic Therapies, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Skin Lesions, Drug Survival, Metabolic Syndrome, Alopecia Areata, Breast Cancer, Long Term and Blood Pressure.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in childhood psoriasis?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in childhood psoriasis:

    1. Valerie M Harvey, MD, MPH860 Omni Blvd Suite 114, Newport News, VA 23606 Phone: +17572328856
    2. University of Utah Health Dermatology243 E 6100 S, Murray, UT 84107 Phone: +18015812955
    3. Tsurumachi Dermatology Clinic1 Chome-17-4 Arakawaokinishi, Tsuchiura, Ibaraki 300-0874, Japón Phone: +81298423046
    4. The Good Skin ClinicHealth Centre, Madeira Rd, West Byfleet KT14 6DH, Reino Unido Phone: +441932400455

Recent articles about Childhood Psoriasis

Assessment Of Dermatologic Family Impact Scale In The Parents Of Children With...

[ CLINICAL_TRIAL ] ... life.Psoriasis is a chronic disease which can be expected to have a significant impact on the quality of life of the patients and parents/family members alike. In line with this ...
Known for
Psoriasis Parents | Defis Assess | Relatives Skin | Preliminary Validation

Treatment Patterns With Systemic Antipsoriatic Agents In Childhood Psoriasis: An...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... plaque psoriasis. For this reason, treatment preferences for moderate to severe psoriasis in childhood are still unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate the systemic treatment ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Italian Database | Systemic Antipsoriatic Agents | Moderate Severe

Biological Treatments For Paediatric Psoriasis : A Retrospective Observational...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in childhood psoriasis. The few data available on their efficacy and tolerance are mainly derived from industry trials. However, biological drug survival impacts long-term performance in ...
Known for
Drug Survival | Childhood Psoriasis | Retrospective Observational | Biological Treatments

Recommendations For Management Of Childhood Psoriasis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... recommendations.
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Pediatric Dermatology | Published Literature | Metabolic Syndrome

Childhood Psoriasis: A Study Of 277 Patients From China

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of childhood psoriasis in China. METHODS: A total of 277 childhood psoriasis patients younger than 16 years old were enrolled. Statistical analysis and heritability were performed using ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | First- Second-Degree Relatives | 277 Children | Extensor Surface

The Epidemiology Of Childhood Psoriasis: A Scoping Review

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of childhood psoriasis, identify research gaps for future studies and provide a comprehensive, clinically useful review. Search strategies were developed for Ovid Medline, Ovid Embase, ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Older Children | Inclusion Criteria | Genetic Differences

Efficacy And Safety Of Treatments For Childhood Psoriasis: A Systematic Literature Review

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in childhood psoriasis are lacking. OBJECTIVES: We sought to systematically review all available literature concerning treatment efficacy and safety in childhood psoriasis and to propose a ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Topical Systemic | Literature Search | Inclusion Criteria

Impact De L’âge Et Du Sexe Sur Les Aspects Cliniques Et Épidémiologiques Du...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of childhood psoriasis is estimated at between 0.4% and 0.7%. Clinical aspects of the diseases depend on age. The aim of this study was to investigate the clinical aspects of psoriasis ...
Known for
Psoriasis Children | Age Infants | Inclusion Criteria | Systemic Therapies

Comparison Of The Impact Of Childhood Psoriasis On Mothers’ And Fathers’ Quality...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of childhood psoriasis on mothers' and fathers' well-being using Family Dermatology Life Quality Index (FDLQI). METHODS: Forty-five children with psoriasis (31 girls and 14 boys; mean ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Fdlqi Scores | Mothers Fathers | Gender Differences

Cardiovascular Comorbidities In Childhood Psoriasis

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in childhood psoriasis is more limited.ObjectivesTo analyze the prevalence of excess adiposity, cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome and lipid profile in children with psoriasis ...
Known for
Childhood Psoriasis | Cardiovascular Comorbidities | Excess Adiposity | Metabolic Syndrome


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