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Molecular Genetic Analyses Of Choriocarcinoma

[ PUBLICATION ] BACKGROUND: Choriocarcinoma is a highly malignant trophoblastic neoplasm. Most of them are gestational in origin, while non-gestational ones are exceedingly rare. The genetic origin, ...
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Molecular Genetic | Causative Pregnancy | Gestational Choriocarcinoma | Dna

Lumbar Metastasis Of Choriocarcinoma

[ PUBLICATION ] ... a choriocarcinoma is presented. OBJECTIVE: To present and review a rare case of metastatic choriocarcinoma in the lumbar spine. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Choriocarcinoma is a highly ...
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Lumbar Metastasis | Surgical Resection | Metastatic Choriocarcinoma | Spinal Surgery

Role Of G Protein-Coupled Receptor 1 In Choriocarcinoma Progression

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Addition
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Protein-Coupled Receptor | Gpr1 Choriocarcinoma | Akt Erk Phosphorylation | Chemotherapeutic Agents

Down-Regulation And Promoter Methylation Of Tissue Inhibitor Of Metalloproteinase...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in choriocarcinoma (CCA) cells. METHODS: The Atlas Human Cancer 1.2 Array (Clontech) was used to compare differential gene expression in a trophoblastic cell line (B6) established from ...
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Promoter Methylation | Tissue Inhibitor | Timp3 Expression | Choriocarcinoma Lines

Glycan Profiling Of Gestational Choriocarcinoma Using A Lectin Microarray

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in choriocarcinoma have not been characterized. We established a new choriocarcinoma cell line, induced choriocarcinoma cell-1 (iC3-1), which mimics the clinical pathohistology in vivo, to ...
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Lectin Microarray | Glycan Profiling | Gestational Choriocarcinoma | Ic3-1 Cells

Mst4 Regulates Epithelial–mesenchymal Transition Of Choriocarcinoma By Mediating...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in choriocarcinoma that originated from the placenta, the expression of MST4 was undetermined and its mechanism was unknown. In this study, the expression of MST4 in choriocarcinoma as ...
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Mesenchymal Transition | Mst4 Knockdown | Mediating Tgf-Β1 Expression | Choriocarcinoma Lines

Immunohistochemistry Of Choriocarcinoma

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Trophoblastic Cells | Intermediate Trophoblast | Small Proportion | Implantation Site

Lineage-Specific Alterations In Gynecologic Neoplasms With Choriocarcinomatous...

[ PUBLICATION ] PURPOSE: Choriocarcinoma is most commonly gestational (androgenetic or biparental) but can be of germ cell origin or can develop as a component of a somatic neoplasm (genetically related to the ...
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Gynecologic Neoplasms | Choriocarcinomatous Differentiation | Lineage-Specific Alterations | Mixed Tumors

Autopsy Case Of Primary Choriocarcinoma Of The Urinary Bladder

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Urinary Bladder | Primary Choriocarcinoma | Metastatic Lesions | Extragenital Organs

An Overview Of The Role Of Long Non-Coding Rnas In Human Choriocarcinoma

[ PUBLICATION ] ... transcr
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Long Non-Coding Rnas | Cancer Diagnosis | Key Role | Current Knowledge


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