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Glygen: Computational And Informatics Resources For Glycoscience

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Informatics Resources | Glygen Computational | Glycoscience

Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids In Glycoscience: Opportunities And Challenges#

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in glycoscience, particularly in relevance to the dissolution
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Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids | Diverse Range | Notable Features | Future Perspectives

Current Status And New Challenges In Glycoscience: Overview

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of glycoscience, with the focus on the integration of current knowledge obtained from genome and proteome research and the impact of such findings on human health and disease. The ...
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Current Status | Neural Communication | Mass Spectrometry | Immune Responses

Super-Resolution Imaging In Glycoscience: New Developments And Challenges

[ PUBLICATION ] ... synthesis, glycoscience is the least understood field compared with genomics and proteomics. Although the structures and functions of carbohydrates have been investigated by various ...
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Super-Resolution Imaging | Understood Field | Carbohydrate Structure | Fluorescent Probes

Innovation Potentials Triggered By Glycoscience Research

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Innovation Potentials | Physicochemical Properties | Industrial Applications | Diagnostics Tools

Cu(I)-Catalyzed Click Chemistry In Glycoscience And Their Diverse Applications

[ PUBLICATION ] Copper(I)-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition between organic azides and terminal alkynes, commonly known as CuAAC or click chemistry, has been identified as one of the most successful, ...
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Diverse Applications | Regioselective Triazole | Structural Diversity | Future Perspectives

Revisiting The Language Of Glycoscience: Readers, Writers And Erasers In...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... in glycoscience distances carbohydrate structure, and hence function, from gene sequence. This challenging situation is compounded by descriptors of carbohydrate structure and function ...
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Carbohydrate Biochemistry | Template Encoding | Challenging Situation | Gene Sequence

Introducing Glycomics Data Into The Semantic Web

[ PUBLICATION ] BACKGROUND: Glycoscience is a research field focusing on complex carbohydrates (otherwise known as glycans)a, which can, for example, serve as "switches" that toggle between different functions ...
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Semantic Web | Glycomics Databases | Sparql Queries | Glycan Structures

Chapter Two Application Of Porous Materials To Carbohydrate Chemistry And Glycoscience

[ PUBLICATION ] ... and glycoscience in general. Among the applications of porous materials reviewed in this chapter, enrichment of glycans from biological samples prior to separation and analysis by mass ...
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Porous Materials | Selective Capture | Hydrophilic Interactions | Molecular Imprinting

Glycoscience -- A New Frontier In Rational Drug Design.

[ PUBLICATION ] Glycans are the most abundant and most diverse biopolymers in nature. Because of their highly specific interactions with physiological receptors, they participate in many crucial biological ...
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Rational Drug Design | Therapeutic Glycoproteins | Biopharmaceutical Target | Potential Aids


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