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Severe Abnormalities Of The Pons In Two Infants With Goldenhar Syndrome

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of Goldenhar syndrome with severe abnormalities of the pons. The first case is a 10-month-old Caucasian female infant. At birth the girl showed polydactyly, labiopalatoschisis, right ear ...
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Severe Abnormalities | Brain Mri | Mere Coincidence

Goldenhar Syndrome Among Infants Born In Military Hospitals To Gulf War Veterans

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of Goldenhar syndrome among children of Persian Gulf War veterans (GWVs). The objective of this investigation was to compare the birth prevalence of Goldenhar syndrome among infants born ...
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Military Hospitals | Infants Born | Gulf Veterans

Distinguishing Goldenhar Syndrome From Craniofacial Microsomia

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Goldenhar Syndrome | Craniofacial Microsomia | Vertebral Anomalies | Epibulbar Dermoids

Auricular Reconstruction With Modified Expanded Two-Flap Method In Goldenhar...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Goldenhar Syndrome (GS) is a systematic polymalformational disease characterized by microtia, hemifacial microsomy, ocular anomalies, abnormal vertebra and other deformities. These ...
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Auricular Reconstruction | Goldenhar Syndrome | Modified Expanded Two-Flap Method | 7-Year Experiences

Urologic Manifestations Of Goldenhar Syndrome

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Goldenhar syndrome (oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia) is associated with anomalies in multiple organ systems. Renal abnormalities have also been reported with the complex, but the ...
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Urologic Manifestations | Genitourinary Anomalies | Screening Ultrasound

An Unusual Association Of Goldenhar Syndrome

[ PUBLICATION ] ... ophthalm
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Fibroepithelial Polyp | Limbal Dermoid | Multidisciplinary Approach

In Vivo Confocal Microscopy In Goldenhar Syndrome: A Case Report

[ PUBLICATION ] BACKGROUND: Goldenhar Syndrome is characterized by malformations of multiple anatomical districts. Between these, bulbar dermoids are common and represent a significant clinical problem as they ...
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Vivo Confocal Microscopy | Surgical Removal | Limbal Dermoids

Revisiting The Work Of Maurice Goldenhar—an Overview Of Goldenhar Syndrome

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Altho
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Phenotypic Variation | Multifactorial Disorder | Varying Degrees

[Tracheal Intubation Using Airtraq Optical Laryngoscope In An Adult Patient With...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... with Goldenhar syndrome and conductive deafness was scheduled for tympanoplasty. Goldenhar syndrome is a developmental disorder characterized by ear malformation, mandibular hypoplasia, ...
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Goldenhar Syndrome | Airtraq Optical Laryngoscope | Tracheal Intubation | Mandibular Hypoplasia

Role Of 3d-Ct For Orthodontic And Ent Evaluation In Goldenhar Syndrome.

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Goldenhar Syndrome | Temporal Bone | Orthodontic Ent | Multidisciplinary Approach


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