• Hypnic Headache

    Who are the top experts researching treatments for hypnic headache?

    The top experts researching hypnic headache are: Steffen Naegel, Dagny Holle and Peter James Goadsby.

  • What are the top concepts researched in studies about hypnic headache?

    The most researched concepts in studies of hypnic headache are: Diagnostic Criteria, International Classification, Hemicrania Continua, Chronic Migraine and Medication Overuse.

  • What are some of the top places that specialize in hypnic headache?

    Recommended institutions that specialize in hypnic headache:

    1. Lone Star Neurology403 W Campbell Rd # 400, Richardson, TX 75080 Phone: +19727838900
    2. Axon Neurology1451 E Chevy Chase Dr Unit 201, Glendale, CA 91206 Phone: +18182652245
    3. Mihama Neurology ClinicJapan, 〒261-0004 Chiba, Mihama Ward, Takasu, 3 Chome−23−2 稲毛海岸ビル 1F Phone: +81433035670
    4. Long Island Neurology Consultants777 Sunrise Hwy #200, Lynbrook, NY 11563 Phone: +15168873516

Recent articles about Hypnic Headache

Hypnic Headache

[ PUBLICATION ] ... speculative.
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Additional Reports | International Classification | Actual Diagnostic Criteria

[Three Japanese Cases Of Hypnic Headache].

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of hypnic headache with successful treatment by lithium carbonate or caffeine. This is the first detail report of Japanese cases. An endocrinological test and rhythm analyses of ambulatory ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Circadian Rhythm | Sleep Nocturnal | Abp Parameters

Hypnic Headache: A Rare Type Of Primary Headache Disorder

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic Headache are is a very rare primary headaches that affect the elderly, with an average age of 60 years. Research in the areas of neurophysiology and treatment options for Hypnic ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Lithium Carbonate | Sleep Disorder | Non-Epileptic Seizures

Serial Polysomnography In Hypnic Headache

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic headache (HH) is a rare primary headache disorder characterized by strictly sleep-related headache attacks. Most patients are over the age of 50 and usually awake at the same time ...
Known for
Serial Polysomnography | Hypnic Headache | Rem Sleep | Consecutive Nights

Clinical Features, Polysomnography And Outcome In Patients With Hypnic Headache

Known for
Hypnic Headache | Rem Sleep | Ichd-2 Criteria | Eye Movement

Case Report Of An Alleviation Of Pain Symptoms In Hypnic Headache Via Greater...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic headache is a rare primary headache disorder with a few hundred described cases so far. Due to the fact that this headache disease is rare, there are no placebo-controlled oral ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Pain Symptoms | Greater Occipital Nerve Block | Oral Medication

Hypnic Headache: Characteristics Of A Series Of 13 New Cases And Proposal For...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic headache is a rare condition, since less than 150 cases have been reported to date. The second edition of the International Headache Classification (IHC2) has set out the diagnostic ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Diagnostic Criteria | 15 Nights | Single Episode

From Wakefulness To Sleep: Migraine And Hypnic Headache Association In A Series...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of hypnic headache (HH), migraine and the relationship between both headaches in 23 patients. HH is an uncommon primary headache characterized by exclusively sleep-related attacks. ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Migraine Attacks | Pain-Free Period | Relationship Syndromes

Hypnic Headache: A New Case.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic headache is a condition characterized by nocturnal episodes of headache which periodically waken the sleeping patient. They usually occur in persons over 55 years of age and are ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Marked Improvement | Periodic Occurrence | Neurological Examinations

Hypnic Headache In Children

[ PUBLICATION ] ... Hypnic headache (HH) is a rare, short-lasting headache occurring exclusively during sleep and usually affecting the elderly population. According to the ICHD-II diagnostic criteria, HH is ...
Known for
Hypnic Headache | Autonomic Symptoms | Diagnostic Criteria | Nocturnal Pattern


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