Labial Hypertrophy

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Labial Hypertrophy: A New Surgical Approach

[ PUBLICATION ] . Study Objective: To develop a new technique for labioplasty with the goal of decreased scar formation, decreased vulva pain, and dyspareunia.Design: We present a simple surgical approach to ...
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Techniques For Labia Minora Reduction: An Algorithmic Approach

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of labial hypertrophy and the patient’s aesthetic preferences for labial edge color and contour. Three reduction techniques were used including the edge excision technique, the inferior ...
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Labia Minora Reduction Techniques: A Comprehensive Literature Review

[ PUBLICATION ] ... labioplasty, labial hypertrophy, and techniques plus labia minora reduction. The inclusion criterion was clinical studies in which techniques of lab
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Reduction Labioplasty In Adolescents

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of labial hypertrophy in 2 young adolescents. TYPE OF STUDY: Case report MAIN FINDINGS: We present two cases, a 10-year-old girl with concerns regarding a hypertrophied labia minora and a ...
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Recurrent Hypertrophy Of The Labia Minora

[ PUBLICATION ] ... recurrent labial hypertrophy and postulate that this is a hormonally related lesion, similar to fibroepithelial stromal polyps.
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Labial hypertrophy is a medical condition that results in the enlarged lips. This can be due to a number of different factors, including genetic conditions,...