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Should We Consider Igg Hypogammaglobulinemia A Risk Factor For Severe...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of Ludwig angina. These potentially lethal infections are difficult to recognize in early stages and are often associated with predisposing factors like diabetes and immunocompromised ...
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Ludwig Angina | Igg Hypogammaglobulinemia | Severe Complications | Rare Forms

Ludwig Angina After First Aid Treatment: Possible Etiologies And Prevention—case Report

[ PUBLICATION ] ... prevention.
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Ludwig Angina | Early Recognition | Odontogenic Infection | Soft Tissue Cellulitis

Longitudinal Discharge Trends And Outcomes After Hospitalization For Mouth...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... or Ludwig angina. METHODS: Nationwide Inpatient Sample for years 2004 to 2010 was used. All hospitalizations with primary diagnosis of cellulitis or Ludwig angina were selected. Discharge ...
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Ludwig Angina | Mouth Cellulitis | Discharge Trends | Hospitalization Charges

Post-Mortem Ct Findings In A Case Of Necrotizing Cellulitis Of The Floor Of The...

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Ludwig Angina | Necrotizing Cellulitis | Mylohyoid Muscle | Dental Abscess

Ludwig’s Angina

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Ludwig’s Angina | Early Recognition | Pericardial Effusion | Aspiration Pneumonia

Ludwig Angina: Forewarned Is Forearmed.

[ PUBLICATION ] ... of Ludwig angina is decreasing, this is an important disease process because failure to control the airway can have catastrophic consequences. Accurate diagnosis, airway control, ...
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Ludwig Angina | Aggressive Surgical | Accurate Diagnosis | Catastrophic Consequences

A Prolonged Buried Fish Bone Mimicking Ludwig Angina

[ PUBLICATION ] ... ensued. Ludwig angina was considered first because the patient had fever, odynophagia, swelling of the tongue, and mouth floor. The fish bone buried in the tongue was incidentally found on ...
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Ludwig Angina | Fish Bone | Prolonged Buried | Computed Tomography Scan

Necrotizing Descending Mediastinitis Afetr Ludwig Angina

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Necrotizing Descending | Afetr Ludwig Angina | Mediastinal Infection | Rare Form

Actinomyces Turicensis: An Unusual Cause Of Cervicofacial Actinomycosis...

[ PUBLICATION ] ... cause Ludwig's angina. Ludwig's angina is diffuse cellulitis and edema of the soft tissues of the neck and floor of the mouth. Cervicofacial actinomyces is an invasive infection that can ...
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Actinomyces Turicensis | Ludwig Angina | Cervicofacial Actinomycosis | Oral Cavity

Mucormycosis Causing Ludwig Angina: A Unique Presentation

[ PUBLICATION ] Mucormycosis is a rare fungal infection with a yearly incidence of 1.7 cases per million in the United States. It usually occurs in patients with metabolic abnormalities or who are ...
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Ludwig Angina | Mucormycosis Causing | Unique Presentation | Surgical Debridement


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